Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama Mystic has Evaporated

What happened to the man we called the “messiah” in the White House? What happened to the cult figure that tried to transgress race from his presidential campaign speeches? What happened to the man who wanted to be the citizen of the world? What happened to man whose overwhelming desire to be president got there and found out that he doesn’t have the experience for it? What happened to the 70 percent approval rating before he entered office to see it plummeted in the mid-40 percentile?

His name is Barack Obama and his immortality has been unmasked to what he truly is and that is a fast talking, flowery worded politician. He is a used-car salesman with a very nice suit.

Barack Obama is a known left-wing Marxist. His belief is more Socialist. I am so amazed how so many people are duped by this individual. I cannot believe how anyone can vote for him. I am surprise how the general voting public only sees the color of the skin, and feels if they don’t vote for him, they may be called a racist. Is it guilt? Is it reparations for something the whites done to the blacks generations ago? I call it stupid and ridiculous. Whatever happened voting on the candidate’s policies, their background, and their voting record?

I thought Obama’s associations with radicals like terrorist William Ayers, a terrorist sympathizer Rashid Khalidi, and a racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright would be the ending clincher of Obama’s political career, but no. I thought for sure Obama’s statement wanting “to spread the wealth” is the signal that he supports socialism, but no. I thought the books written by Obama would tell people how he views white people as demons and how to deal with them, but no. I thought siding with Pelosi and Reid, whose socialist agenda is quite known, would show the American people that Obama sides more to the left than right of center, but no. So, I guess the American voters are truly blinded by ignorance. It is the only explanation why there are so many voters remorse right now. Hope and change is a mere bumper sticker slogan than a possible chance to see it in reality.

I cannot stand this president and his pompous arrogance. During Obama’s first State of the Union address, his vision for America is purely fantasy because perception is not reality. Obama’s ideology would have been an obviously dramatic transformation that America could have witness. To see the Federal government grow exponentially faster under this current president, we have seen the government tried to overhaul the banking industry, the mortgage companies, the oil companies, the auto industry, and now, the healthcare industry.

We care a right of center country. The latest polls have Americans seeing themselves more conservative. To have something that is too dramatic of a change would cause any individual to have an anxiety attack. This is something Obama assumed when he won the presidential election. Obama thought he had a mandate to change the ideology of America. Instead, the people vote him as president for historical reasons and that is to put an African American person as president. There is no other reason. I surely wouldn’t vote for him because of his experience, his promises or his voting record.

Because of the lie Obama tried to disguise has come to the open, he is nothing but a lousy politician. The people who voted for him understood they made a mistake and the poll number show it. Independents have run away from him. Moderate Democrats are throwing Obama under the bus. Moderate Republicans are moving more to the right because these idiots know they will lose their senatorial or congressional seat if they sided with the “false prophet.” The kryptonite that has staggered “The One” was his infallible mouth. Every word that comes from his mouth is a contradiction or a blatant lie. The only thing truthful this president promised is to make this America the way he sees fit and that is weak and government dependent.

You cannot tell the American people that the system is totally broken and major reform is needed if the cure is more entitlement programs. If Medicare and Social Security is going bankrupt, why start another wasteful program like Universal Healthcare. How can cutting $500 billion in Medicare benefits have no effect on care? How can add trillions of dollars to the deficit and claim you can cut the national debt in 3 years? This is the mistake Obama has committed and the people see it. No more will the ordinary citizen be taken as fools. We have begun to express our distain for this president. Obama has been incredulous with his promise, which led to an inspiration of mistrust.

Obama is in trouble and to see rebound from a 46 percent approval rating is a tremendous feat. From messiah to an ordinary person, the mystic of Barack Obama has evaporated. The cloud that blinded those who believed he was the chosen one has been lifted. His popularity is border line because there are folks who refuse to call themselves racist. Obama’s desperation to reverse his ordinariness has brought him to speak to our children in the classroom. He feels that a new bred of cult can be organized with the children. None the less, it is still a crushing disappointment for a man that people hoped to be another Martin Luther King or a John F. Kennedy.