Monday, October 5, 2009

Obama Needs to Get Off The Pot and Resolve the War in Afghanistan First

Obama hand picks General McChrystal to lead our 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan as well as the 100,000 NATO forces and now, I think, the president is starting to regret his choice. Not because of leadership, but General McChrystal vocal desire to get the job done.

While Washington is deciding how to define success, General McChrystal is requesting for more troops to counter the onslaught of these insurgents. While healthcare seems to be more imperative than the soldiers dying abroad, I find it peculiar Obama can’t make a decision on a request that was presented back on August 31. That was the day when General McChrystal delivered a report on Afghanistan requested by the president. What does it take to get this president to change priorities? If majority of people are satisfied of their insurance, I think postponing the debate until fixing the problem facing in Afghanistan seems reasonable. It has been over a month since that report and Obama hasn’t done crap to resolve the issue. While Obama is campaigning around America, making a pitch to the Olympic committee, and using tax-payer money to take his wife out to dinner, we are seeing our soldiers dying abroad.
I can’t stand idiotic pundits claiming that the general is being insubordinate. The general is being forthright to protect his troops from harms way. If the issue wasn’t dire, I would think McChrystal would have kept his mouth shut. But since our military is getting spanked in Afghanistan, I think McChrystal has justified his action.

I refuse to accept Washington knowing more than the generals on the battle front. I refuse to accept idiotic law makers in Washington micromanage the war. Ironically, Liberals were on Bush’s butt for doing this, but when it’s Obama, he gets a pass. Hypocrites! I respect the fact that McChrystal rejected Vice-President Biden’s support on changing the strategy in using more drone missile strikes and Special Forces against al-Qaeda. What does Biden know about modern day warfare? I would trust the generals and commanders on the battle front than any liberal jerk with a personal agenda.

I know everybody is tired with the war, but waiting does not prolong a favorable outcome. Public support will erode and this effort will not remain winnable indefinitely. We need to act now. Obama needs to get off the pot and change his priorities because the only success for this war is to win at any cost!