Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama wants to Punish those who are Unhealthy

It has been some time since I wrote something. I feel that if America doesn’t get it by now, we are lost to make the same stupid mistake as we did in 2008 when we elected an idiot to run this country. Let me make this extremely clear. The Liberals in Washington, D.C., wants what they feel is right for each one of us. And at the same time, they feel privileged that they don’t need to follow their own advise.

With practically the majority of Americans are obese, Congress is adopting another intrusive way in controlling how we live. This health care reform bill contains a requirement that will penalize any Americans who are fat and unhealthy. It will force companies to reward and penalize any employee to lose the weight, stop smoking, and lower their cholesterol. How absurd is that? This is unconstitutional. Even though the idea may be ideal, the reality of it all is destroying the fundamental fiber of personal freedom.

It is a joke to mandate insurance companies to cover every single American and not denying them coverage if they have preexisting condition. It would be truthful to say it will raise the cost of the premium, but to say it will lower the cost is disingenuous. The fact is that we will eventually see insurance companies and employers make health coverage less affordable for people who have risk factors like diabetes and cancer. This is what Obama wants. That is to force insurance companies out of business, force employers to drop coverage, and make these employees demand the public option.

I had no idea Washington became experts in medicine. I guess they feel people get diabetes because they eat too much sugar or hypertension is caused by eating too much salt. These law makers who are representing us are idiots. These are the same individuals who own a “Mercedes” healthcare plan that is only privy to the fat cats in Washington, D.C. Also, these are the same law makers who would not give up their healthcare plan and accept the identical health plan they are planning to impose on us. What does that say to you?

Personnel responsibility is perfectly okay, but to force it upon us is wrong. There are people who are past that stage of recovery. I do not believe in government in running our lives. Give us the necessary education to provide us the tools to make a responsible change. The government is trying to make this happen over night. It may be easy for the government to raise our taxes, run up the debt, and spend money like drunken sailors, but to fix healthcare overnight is impossible.

There are a few employers trying to do what is right for their employees, but it is on a voluntary bases. The reward is a lower premium for those who succeed in a particular program, but it doesn’t drastically punish those who fail or refuse to enter such programs. In the governments plan, it is do it or else.