Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where is the Outcry of our Military Dying in Afghanistan

I thought the anti-war critics hated war. It seems I don’t hear any protester banging their drum to end the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. I don’t even hear anymore the deaths of military men and women over there either.

Well, let me inform everybody something that the media has forgotten to report since the days of the George W. Bush era. Our military men and women in Afghanistan are dying and Washington is sitting with their thumbs up their butts. In today’s saga, a well planned attack by 300 insurgents’ isolated and American outpost and “bombed” it. Eight American soldiers and 2 Afghan policemen were killed, with many injured during this fight. The battle lasted all day with the American and Afghan forces coming victors, but with a heavy price.

This ongoing attack to our military force comes in a critical time when Obama will decide to accept General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of the US/NATO force in Afghanistan, 40,000 extra troops or reduce the counter-insurgency operation against the Taleban and focus more on al-Qaeda. This will test the mettle of the Obama Administration. Currently, Obama is trying to define what success is. The blithering idiot should take the definition penned by George W. Bush. A successful war is to win. DUH!

While the Administration is trying to micro-manage the war, about 247 American troops died in Afghanistan this year. Since 2001 at the start of the war, we have seen 874 American troops died under the hands of jihad. Am I going to assume that its okay to see our military die without complaints since Obama is in office? What happen to the American people? Where is the outcry? I call every single American who complained during the Bush era a bunch of idiots and hypocrites.