Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Democrat Switching Toward the Republican Party

What a big difference a year could do to the atmosphere of the political arena. One year ago, we had Republicans dropping like a hot potato. Every GOP running for re-election in 2008 ran away and denigrated George W. Bush. These idiot Republicans tried to keep an arms length distance from the former president.

But since Obama took center stage, it is Democrats turn to flee from the “messiah.” The poll numbers are showing a move toward Republican candidates in the 2010 mid-term election. In the latest Generic Congressional Ballot, there is a big eight-point swing favoring Republican over Democrats. This is very significant because Republicans have been lagging behind for many years. Well, I’m not too surprise by the numbers. I was expecting this. From day one, I have always said that Obama will demonstrate his liberal ideology when he became president. I didn’t fall for the sweet talking used-car salesman and his blatant lies. I understand it takes action to finally realize the mistake by those who voted for Obama’s hope and change motto. Well, I told you so.

The latest poll by Rasmussen Report showed that 44 percent would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate; compare that to the 36 percent who would support their Democrat opponent. This is the start of the fall of the liberal stupidity in Washington D.C. This is why the Democrats are frantic to pass any stupid legislation in order it will be implemented and difficult to reverse. This is why a bill like universal healthcare, which hasn’t been read by members of congress or explain how it will be funded, is so important for Democrats to pass.

Perhaps it explains why Democrat Congressman Parker Griffith (Al) decided yesterday to switch parties. How about that? A Democrat turned Republican. Parker Griffith is a blue dog Democrat with very conservative values. It is certain the congressman’s switch is all political, but do you blame him? Besides switching parties, there are many Democrats deciding to retire from the political arena.

This is too good to be true! Somebody pinch me!