Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama Admits Spending to Get Out of Recession

Many friends, who are Obama supports, wanted me to give this president some slack. Well, I have given him close to a year and what have we seen? Practically, NOTHING! In a recent Gallup Poll, Obama’s job approval rating fell to 47 percent. It is the lowest ever recorded for any president at this point of his term. The last two presidents fared better than Obama. Bill Clinton received a 52 percent approval rating and George W. Bush received an 86 percent approval rating after one year in office.

The liberals would give lame excuses saying that the president does not “put a lot of stock” in these surveys. I would say they are foolish and idiotic. Of course, the president adheres to the polls numbers because it gives a very rough estimation how the American people view the job performance of this president.

I believe it is hopeless for Obama to turn around his failing poll numbers. Currently, Obama understands that jobs creation is his ticket to get back on the favor of the American people. But when Obama says that we need to spend our way out of this recession to get more American back to work, I personally think Obama is digging himself in a deep hole.

The problem Obama faces is his continual dependence on the Chinese and foreign countries to bail us out. This massive stimulus proposed to spend on highways, bridges, and infrastructure must come from somewhere. If it is not from tax cuts, which allow companies to hire new employees and grow, I wonder where this president is planning to get the money. Everything comes with consequences and crippling the dollar is one step to destroying the prominence of this great nation. On the other hand, probably this is what Obama intends to do.