Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama Views Terrorism as a Police Matter

I am dumbfounded to hear the Obama Administration proudly claim that the system worked as a terrorist bomb plot was foiled on a Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam. Well, it is quite jolting and inconsiderate to inform everybody that “the system worked” was defined as a private citizen on that plane able to subdue the terrorist from igniting the explosives.

The Obama Administration has back peddled its initial statement and said the whole incident was as catastrophe. But he added that such admission was the fault by the previous president (George W. Bush). I can’t believe the gumption of this current president and not having the “balls” to take any form of responsibility. Obama has been president for 1 year and he still blames the past president for his woes. I can only recall we haven’t had a serious terrorist plot that came close to fruition after 9/11, but I digress.

Obama doesn’t care to hear such nonsense regarding to terrorism. In his eyes, there is not such thing. It is an overseas contingency matter that can be done at the local level with the police. In other words, it is a police matter. This is how it was define by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. She had the gall to say that the matter in Detroit was taken out of context and made political with the near disaster. She has no business running Homeland Security because like Obama, she has no experience dealing with terrorism. In fact, she is the bozo who said that the system worked in preventing the terrorist bomb attack on the Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam.

I am disturbed that it took couple days for Obama to come forth to give his thoughts on the matter, but if it was anything regarding to healthcare, that Tele-prompter would be ready to feed any lines (lies) to the American public. Ever since Obama took the eye off the ball, it seems easier for a terrorist to sneak their way inside a plane. First off, this radical Muslim terrorist was able to sneak onto the plan with the explosives. Secondly, the father of the terrorist went to the embassy expressing concerns that his son is a radical Muslim, but that didn’t stop his terrorist son to get on the plane. Thirdly, I am surprise that no one caught notice that the ticket was purchase in cash for an international flight and he didn’t have any luggage. Finally, it took a fellow passenger to disarm the terrorist. Where was the security of the arm pilots, personnel, or undercover Marshalls on board that plane?

I can vividly remember what Joe Biden said, “he (Obama) is young, relatively inexperienced running mate would, if elected, face international crisis early on from those eager "to test the mettle of this guy." Well, it is only one year as president and I think Obama had enough.