Friday, January 29, 2010

Obamas 69 minute State of the Union Speech was Boring

I have tried to keep my mouth shut and give those idiots who voted this moron into the White House a chance, but my strong conviction was right from the onset. Something unprecedented occurred during Obama State of the Union Address. He bored us to death in his 69 minute speech. Obama made Democrat leader caught on camera sleeping. Even though Obama has been in office for one year, he still continues to blame his woes on the past Administration. This pompous ass said the word “I” 86 times during his speech. The topper of the evening is the bashing he gave to the members of the Supreme Court.

This failure of a president should just give up and pass on the torch to Joe Biden (what am I saying!). Obama believes that he can do no wrong. It was him who destroyed this economy, the military, and our national security. You cannot blame the past Administration anymore. Obama has been president for one year and needs to realize he now takes full responsibility of what mess he creates.

Again, Obama give more promises that he cannot deliver. He is way over his head. He insists that bigger government is the way to prosperity. Obama contends that his mistake was not spending enough to grow the government faster and bigger. I was dumbfounded in array of disbelief of the arrogant statements he blurted in his 69 minute speech.

Republicans stared in astonishment when Obama said he will impose new fees on banks (nationalize the banking system). Republicans were stone-faced when Obama declared success that his Administration “far more” killed as many al-Qaida terrorist under his watch last year than in 2008. Republicans were in hysteria when Obama had the gall to say he would enact a second stimulus package without delay (what the hell happened to the first stimulus package). Beside Republicans, the military soldiers present during the State of the Union were annoyed when Obama said he will repeal the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military.

The funniest part of his speech is Obama commitment to partly freeze government spending. With trillions spent so far, Obama said he will cut down the spending by couple billion dollars. It’s like going to a lake and scoop out a cupful of water and check if there was a dramatic change in water level.

This president has gone too far. Obama admits planning to spend our way out of this recession. The Democrats can’t comprehend that the American people are revolting and will make “change” happen this coming November. It is going to be 1992 and 1994 all over again. You can say certain Republicans have made poor choices in the past, but they as a whole won’t destroy this country as the Democrats have done for the past several years.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Air America is Dead

Air America Radio is dead! Well, it’s about time. This progressive Liberal slant radio network couldn’t muster any support from any listening viewers. This is the same radio station that once aired Al Franken and Rachel Maddow. Because the company has been losing revenue for the past 10 consecutive quarters, it has finally decided to shut down completely. As of today, they are liquidating everything under Chapter 7bankruptcy.

Good ridden! Conservative talk radio lives!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Does It Mean to Win in Massachusetts

In the wake of the one year anniversary of the Obama presidency, a little unknown Republican in Massachusetts took down a very popular Democrat for the Senate seat that was vacated by former Ted Kennedy.

That was the shot that penetrated deep into the souls of most Democrats in Congress. Finally, the win for Scott Brown was enough to put every Democrat on notice. Why would this Massachusetts election be significant to get Democrats antsy? Well, it took 47 years for a Republican to take over the seat that Ted Kennedy vacated. In fact, the seat Scott Brown won had been in Democratic hands for all but six years since 1926.

With only 12% registered Republican in Massachusetts, this unknown Republican with little cash was able to defeat a very popular and well-funded Democrat Martha Coakley for the US Senate. Most importantly, it will end the supermajority in the Senate that the Democrats held for the past 2 years. With the Mitt Romney look, Brown brings to the table his conviction as a pro-business, pro-capitalist, pro-waterboarding, anti-cap and trade, and the man who will help defeat Obamacare.

What does that say to Liberals? It means a very painful journey to the 2010 mid-term election. It means Democrats will repeat their past disaster of 1994 when Republicans gave them a severe beating during that mid-term election. Isn’t this a nice gift to give to Obama’s first year as president?

The Kiss of Death for Senator Harry Reid

Just imagine this. Obama went on 7 campaign rallies in 2009. They were rallies supporting Gov. Jon Corizone (D-NJ), gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds (D-VA), and recently, US Senate candidate Martha Coakley (D-Mass). Guess what? They all lost. Now, Obama will be heading to Nevada to campaign for Senator Harry Reid, who is the Democrat Majority Leader of the Senate. What is the chance for Reid to win re-election this November with Obama by his side?

I would handicap it as dismal. While most Democrats are starting to shy away being associated with Obama, Reid, on the other hand, welcomes defeat with open arms. I think it’s the lack of intelligence on Reid’s part. Isn’t Reid the one who commented that Obama is a “light-skinned” African American with no “Negro” dialect, unless he wanted to have one?

I think this is Obama’s payback for Reid’s stupid comment.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Democrats are on the Run

It is another good day not to be a Democrat. As the New Year begins to present itself, one thing is absolutely clear. We have a president who has no business in running this country and the American people are “fed-up” with the Democrats destroying the very fiber of this great nation.

I am not certain if the GOP had purged all those wannabe moderates who think are Conservative Republicans, but I do know, these moderates are attuning themselves more right of center than usual. But still, I do believe we need more purging of our base to get true Conservatives voicing our ideas and concerns. I am very positive that the political landscape have push this country more Conservative. With polls showing many American sees themselves as Conservative, I am surprise that it took this president to show that Liberalism is the devil. Well, it is better late than never.

I’m so annoyed that a small group of us Conservatives had to endure the stupidity of those who were duped by this classic liberal president. Many of us lived during the Jimmy Carter Administration to know that Liberalism will chip away the freedom we are entitled as human beings. But alas, most American needs a reality check to see the light. I will not blame on the true Conservatives or the true Liberals. I blame those Independents being confused which side to support. These are the very people who voted Obama into the White House. Well, it is too late to hear an apology, but I hope this lesson gives them a pair of “brass balls” to understand that cherry picking an ideology is wrong. You are either Conservative or Liberal. Republicans have always lean Conservative and Democrats more Liberal. This is the fact of life and rationalizing such philosophy only will confuse the matter. For instance, I know many gay people who are Republicans. It may seem an oxymoron, but many gay people attune themselves towards personal responsibility, and less government interference; while the Democrats would exploit the issue and politicize it. But I digress.

All I want to say that Conservatism is alive and well. If our European allies are leaning towards capitalism and denouncing socialism, I can confidently say that we should not change what has work for generations in this country. Conservatism is what made this nation great. Obama has opened our eyes and I am grateful for that accomplishment. We are seeing a new tide of “disgruntled employees” making their voice known in Capital Hill. Many Senate Democrats and House Democrats are seeing the handwriting on the wall and many are bailing out of their respective re-election races. The latest is Senator Chris Dodd (D-Conn). Since Dodd is trailing badly in the polls of his state, he has decided yesterday that he will not waste his money to run for re-elections. Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid is also trailing badly against his opponent in Nevada.

The latest poll has shown the majority of voters, particularly independents, have made it absolutely clear that they want change. Finally, the independent voters are holding Democrats accountable for their reckless spending and back door legislation dealings. Let’s not forget the transparency Obama promised us when big legislation is being conjured in Congress. Well, that is a blatant lie. No one, including Congress, knows what the healthcare bill entails. Likewise, the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill didn’t do anything, but drove us into debt and cause high unemployment. Let us not forget House Speaker Pelosi promising the American people that her Congress will be the most ethical in recent years. When I heard her say that I just want to gag.

Currently, there are at least seven states where the Democrat candidates for Senate are trailing Republicans in the most recent polls. Full time Senators Dodd (D-Conn) and Dorgan (D-ND) have decided not to seek re-election. With Democrats pushing “Cap and Trade”, “Obamacare”, “Cash-4-Clunkers”, and bailing out the private sector, I really believe the American people had enough. I am so glad the mid-term election is only 10 months away.

If the mid-term election is a referendum on the current party majority in Capital Hill, it will definitely hurt Obama and the Democrats. I only wish the mid-term elections were held next week. Prolonging the inevitable is just wrong. We need to get rid these bums out of Washington. The sooner we get these leeches out of office the better.