Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tim Tebow Versus the Pro-Choice Movement

For Super Bowl Sunday next week, CBS agreed to run a commercial from a conservative Christian group Focus on the Family featuring Tim Tebow. Now, this commercial will be telling a story how Tim Tebow’s mom rejected medical advice to abort her difficult pregnancy, and gave birth to a son, who soon became to be one of the greatest collegiate quarterback for the University of Florida.

Tim Tebow was born in the Philippines and was raised by missionary parents with deep conservative Christian values. He grew up to win the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and lead the University of Florida (Gators) to two national titles. This incredible and courageous individual, who is not afraid to talk about God and Christianity, also took the Gators to win the 2009 Sugar Bowl. Since Tebow is recognized throughout the football world, he is in the spotlight that he is not familiar.

There are feminist and pro-choice movements up in arms in protest against the ad, calling on CBS to pull it. As you can see, many liberals are looking at this as an anti-abortion ad, which it is not.

I do not see pro-choice as an abortion movement. Yes, it gives an option for the mother to abort the unborn child, but on the flip-side, it does give the choice for the mother to keep the unborn child too. So, it seems totally idiotic for a movement to have a “hissy fit” because a mother choosing to keep the unborn child. Am I right or am I missing something? Am I understanding these Liberal loons believe being pro-choice as being pro-abortion?

I have to agree that abortion activists are misguided to jump the gun when they feel it is expedient to rant their stupid cause. This ad should praise the choice that Pam Tebow did as she was protecting the right of women to make a choice about their reproductive parts.

So, shame on you National Organization for Women (NOW) and Women’s Media Center (WMC) for minimizing the birth of Tim Tebow. This is the Super Bowl. Tim Tebow is a legend to University of Florida as Obama is to the Liberal loons. To claim that this ad being use in a sporting event will divide than to unite the nation is preposterous. Ladies, please get a grip! I bet none of them understand football and the accomplishments Tim Tebow has given to the sport. The ad should be a celebratory achievement to one of the great quarterbacks in college football history.

Am I to understand that these Liberal organizations are bothered by the message from the ad? So what if Pam Tebow made the decision to go through the pregnancy against medical advice. We wouldn’t have witness four fantastic years of great college football at the University of Florida with Tim Tebow there if his mother went against doctors’ recommendation.

Go Gators!