Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We Will Always Have a Two Party System

We will always have a two party system in the United States. We will always have a Republican Party and a Democrat Party. In the past several decades, a new party system had emerged and it is called the Independent Party. Honestly, I call it the confused party. Yes, I know I will be pissing a lot of people off, but I really don’t give a “rats-ass!” This so-called party is a party of expediency. These people representing the Independent Party are a mass of disgruntled Republicans and Democrats looking for a place to share a common view. The common view of these misguided folks is looking for a cafeteria style of politics. It is the picking and choosing of certain views that fits how they feel at a given moment.

It is this third party that brought this liberal president into power. I don’t blame Obama for being who he is, but I do blame the Independent Party who voted this has-been into office. And do you know what? Many of these Independent voters are now in buyers-remorse. DUH!

Overall, in this political environment, there are currently 49 percent of Americans identified themselves as true Democrats or Independent leaning Democrats; while 41 percent identified themselves as true Republicans or Republican in Name Only (RHINO or Independent Voters who think they are Republican). Nationally, only 15 percent of voters declared themselves as true Independent, with no lean. But honestly, I really feel there are more Independents than what is actually reported. Also, I believe that the Independent Voters are really closeted Democrats. Keeping in mind with the 2008 elections, I must reiterate that it was the Independents that put Obama in office. Even in the recent Massachusetts special election, the breakdown of voters were 49 percent Independent, 35 percent were Democrats, and 13 percent were Republican.

I have to boldly say that the American people are very complacent, pragmatic, and stubborn. Whether Republican or Democrat, when they hear someone talking about a particular issue that concerns them on that particular day, they would likely lean that way. Those who cannot choose because it conflicts their personal ideology are describe as the Independent Party. If only they had the “chutzpah” and stick with their true conviction, then we would be in a better world. I don’t care if you choose to be a Democrat or Republican. Just choose. If you believe in a totally different ideology, then identify with that party. We have the Communist Party, Whig Party, and the Green Party, just to name a few. The Independent Party is like the Libertarian Party. It is nothing that we haven’t seen, but they put an ironic twist to their ideology, which makes them unique.

Keep in mind that majority of American are conservative in nature. In fact, we live more conservatively than being reckless or taking undue risk. I wouldn’t micromanage your life as the Democrats would; but rather, I would look for long term goals with short term fixes like the Republicans. In fact, 40 percent of Americans view themselves as conservative, 36 percent as moderate, and 21% liberal.

If you can define conservatives as Republican, moderates as Independent, and liberals as Democrat, I wonder why there are more people describe themselves as Democrats. Weird! I would say most American don’t know what they really want or misinformed of a particular party.

But like I said earlier, we have a two party system and I don’t think that will ever change. If you really want to see another party be viable in this political spectrum, then you will have to wait for another generation to see one come to fruition. Trying to make a party up because you don’t like one particular view is wrong and dangerous. Look at the result of the 2008 presidential election to know what I mean.