Saturday, March 20, 2010

ACORN Filing Bankruptcy

ACORN (Association of Community Organization for Reform Now) will be filing bankruptcy. Well, it is about time. In the past several years, ACORN abusive corruption and practice has lead to its demise.

For a time when ACORN was huge and popular as a community organization, its liberal practice has stemmed from fixing election to registering dead voters. I can’t believe it survived this long. I think the organization was established back in 1970. At first, it had a noble cause to fight for the “little man.” They were the champions for increasing the minimum wage, registering new voters, going after corrupt banking institutions, and expanding affordable housing. But since the advent of the prostitution video, ACORN has exposed itself as a dirty organization. More and more people understand what this organization represents.

I think it started back in 2008 with the embezzlement of ACORN funds by the brother of the organization’s founder. From there, we have seen stories of fraudulent voting registration by its workers. That is why the Census Bureau will be ending its partnership with ACORN after this year’s census. The IRS has dropped ACORN from its Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program. And just recently, under the pressures of the constituents, Congress voted to cut off all grants to the organization.

With the backlash from the 2008 election, many people are blaming ACORN and linking them with the Obama presidency. I am certain that the termination of ACORN will be good for the country. The people have spoken. It’s time to take over this country and make it prosperous like our forefathers wanted.