Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bloody Sunday Will Decide on Universal Healthcare

This Sunday will be the day we shall know if we will get Universal Healthcare. The bill is now online for us to read and it is full of disturbing news. While there are many troubling issues, I want to point out only two. First, the bill will fine any American who refuses to obtain health insurance up to $2300.00 or 2.5% of their annual income, whichever is greater. It may also include imprisonment if we refuse. The second issue I have with the bill is that the Federal government will expand the roll of the IRS, who will administer the bill.

I cannot believe the IRS will police every America if they have health insurance or not. That is unprecedented. This is not the role historically the IRS should do. I know that the IRS is despised by the American public. If they get more power, I can boldly say that we will not stand for it. Ironically, the IRS is under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department and guess what idiot is in charge of the Treasury Department? Yes, that tax cheat, Tim Geithner. So, we will be followed and harass by a person who tried to cheat the Federal Government. Isn’t Geithner a great example?

Honestly, I think Sunday will favor the will of the American people. Why would I think so? Well, Obama decided to cut this trip again to Asia because many Liberal say he wants to be here when they pass the bill. I must disagree. I feel Obama has to be here because there aren’t enough votes to pass it. I guess he is going to bully the lawmakers via his Chicago politics.

It will be historical mark this Sunday. It will determine if the government will drain 1/6th of the GDP to healthcare and destroy this economy or the will of the people have the finally say how this country should be governed.