Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Did Paul Krugman say Death Panels is a Good Thing

How is it when Liberals would “bitchslapped” Republicans for saying the word “death panels” to describe Obamacare, but it is okay for Liberals to say it? Well, that is what a Liberal economist said and no one from the MSM is jumping down his throat.

Paul Krugman, who is an Obama loving minion, is an economist and a columnist for many newspaper outlets. He actually is an advocate for socialize medicine and made mention that death panels will definitely cut cost in healthcare. That idiot admitted that government will decide what treatment is appropriate because it will save money due to the government is footing the bill.

There you go folks! Finally an answer that must been lingering in many peoples mind. The government and not your doctor will decide what medicine and treatment you need. You will have some dim-witted jackass from Washington tell you, “sorry, too expensive, or you don’t need that.”

What is so ironic is that none of our Congressmen or Senators and not even the president will have to take part in Universal Healthcare. They have their own special kind of healthcare. They have their own doctors in Capital Hill and special privileges throughout many hospitals nationwide. I bet you didn’t know that. Likewise, if you have money and have influence, you get bumped all the way to the front of the line. This is ration healthcare that discriminates the common folks. Therefore, if you don’t belong to a family of the Washington bureaucrats, well you are “shit-outta-luck.”