Thursday, March 18, 2010

Force Universal Healthcare and We Will Sue

If the Federal Government force mandatory healthcare to everybody, we will sue! The State of Idaho started the fight nationwide against Universal Healthcare and there are 37 other states putting similar pending legislation on their docket.

While the president tried to state that it is the right thing to do, Obama doesn’t really get it that most of every American is in utter revolt. The mentality to pass it and worry about the detail later is what typical Liberals believe. It is fact that the true cost to cover all 40 million uninsured people will be $3 trillion, it will require all American to get coverage or face hefty fines, and ration healthcare will be under the guidance of death panels.

In am so glad people are starting to wake up and see that this country is following a philosophy that does not jive to most Americans. This is the true Democracy that America represents. It is run by mob rule! Stand up and make you voice heard!