Saturday, March 20, 2010

Obama Second Term is Very Possible

I had dinner with a friend who is a conservative, like me, and we were discussing how Obama can’t be that stupid. I was saying that I am not surprise to see how Obama keeps throwing people under that bus that he wouldn’t do it to the whole Democratic Party because they are stalling his healthcare bill. Well, he did throw his own grandmother under the bus during his presidential campaign bid.

Then the idea of perpetual wisdom illuminated and a lighted bulb was sitting on top of my friends head. He said that it happen to Bill Clinton and the Democratic Majority in the early 90’s. They tried to push for Universal Healthcare back then and many other stupid Liberal agenda, and it brought a severe backlash that it took the Democrat Majority back to the Minority. My friend told me can it happen to Barack Obama?

To be honest and thinking long and hard, the answer is YES! Not only will it destroy the Democrat Majority in November, it may preserve a second term for this lame duck president. In regards to Clinton, he just stayed centrist and followed the lead of the Republicans in the House and Senate. And since the Republican Party is currently non-existent in many legislative talks, Obama needed a patsy to take blame for his idiotic ideas. Keep in mind that Obama has no experience to be in the White House. He is learning through trial and error, which is somewhat dangerous as president.

Obama realize that America is not ready to take on his Marxist ideas and needs a way to save face. His only saving grace is to throw the Democrats under that bus and follow the lead of Bill Clinton to earn that second term.

Do you think I’m right or am I stretching it a bit?