Sunday, March 21, 2010

Obamacare Will Destroy the Patient Doctor Relationship

To those idiot Democrats, you know who you are, spewing Liberal rhetoric talking points, let me tell you a piece of reality.

This Universal Healthcare bill that was just passed will not be enacted anytime soon. Revenues need to be established before implementing this obtrusive entitlement program. The Bush tax cuts will expire at the end of this year and more taxes will burden us for the next 4 years before any benefits can be seen. It is like your employer telling you that you will not be paid for the next four years and will promise your first paycheck with a nice bonus in the fifth years of employment. This is exactly what we will see once this unconstitutional bill is implemented.

What we will see initially is the backlash from doctors, employers, and drug stores. The bill will force employers to insure every employee or be penalized. That means more job loss. It would be easier for the employer not to hire any new employee and possibly let some go; in order that it would be easier on payroll. We have many pharmacies, including Walgreens, will be turning away Medicaid patient because of federal cuts in payment. Talking about cutting insurance payments, physicians and hospitals will be burdened the most. Besides cut in payments (Obamacare will cut $500 billion to Medicare), they will be practicing more defensive medicine and having more government involvement in patient care.

There will be at least 170 new government agencies created by Obamacare. I have mentioned death panels, which are a bunch of bureaucratic non-practicing physicians, in the past and I have to reiterate that the government involvement in patient care will worsen the quality of medical care. It will restrict doctors from using their best judgment in treating their patients for fear of a backlash from government.
While Liberals bash the medical system in the United States and saying it is broken is disingenuous. It is not broken. There is a problem and it can be fixed. I would challenge anybody to explain to me why many throughout the world would come to the US for medical treatment if we had a broken system. Well? I didn’t think so. There are more people from outside the USA coming here for medical treatment than the other way around.

Obamacare is a violation of patient rights because it will take away the right of the individual to make the best decision about their own healthcare with their doctor. I can talk in behalf of America to say that the individual is far better served when health care decisions are informed by their doctor and not by the Federal Government. This is the beginning of the end of our freedom and these idiots from Washington need to be thrown out- NOW!