Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Reality of Universal Healthcare and What Will Happen Next

For the first time, I was going through the blogosphere via “Google” to see what people are writing on Universal Healthcare, which was just past two days ago, and I want to vomit. All I read is this “touchy-feely” bull-crap rhetoric saying it is the right thing to do. Well, it is the same thing as saying that it is okay to bypass every red light so that you can get to work on time. It is a typical Democrat thinking and that is to be selfish on behest of others. Therefore, it is valid to say Democrats would screw the other person in order they get what they want. Isn’t that what these Democrats want? They want free healthcare and they want the other person to pay it for them.

Well, let me tell you all something. There are always consequences for every decision we make. It may feel right what Obama signed into law today, but the cost and risk to get Universal Healthcare will be felt by all.

We all know taxes must increase to pay for this monstrosity. If you think the rich will pay for it, you are misguided. I don’t think the rich has one trillion dollars to pay this off. For those who doesn’t know who are classified the rich, they are the small and big business that create jobs. This is the sector that makes America great and Obama is here to tear it down. Besides taxing business, they will tax us via Social Security and Medicare. Check your paycheck in couple weeks and you will see what I mean. If you work, you will be tax heavily. Oh, let me not forget to tell you that the government will tax investment income by 4%. Now, Congress is contemplating on a VAT tax. It seems everybody will be affected with these obtrusive taxes and this is during an unstable economy, high unemployment, and coming soon hyperinflation.

I keep hearing about this will bring growth in jobs and I have to laugh. This new law will be taxing any employer who has anybody uninsured by $2000.00 for businesses with 50 employees (full time and part time) and more. If 50 is the magic number for companies, how the hell can they expand and grow without being punished. Employers can easily start cutting payroll or freeze hiring in order they show a profit. That means people will lose their jobs and that will complicate the unemployment rate. So, it would be wise for any start-up company stay under the threshold in order that they don’t get penalized.

Now, the next problem with this bill is that small provision for insurance companies not to deny coverage for pre-existing condition. That means anybody doesn’t need to buy health insurance until you really become sick. Since the law extended health insurance under the parent coverage till the kid turns 26, I can see more of these kids not getting insurance at all after they turn 27. The problem lies with the rest of the population. Since obesity is the problem with most Americans, which leads to Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments, I can see insurance companies will be force to payout more of these benefits. This will result in higher premiums because insurance companies won’t be able to survive with all these claims. What happens to those who get free health insurance? I can see these moochers heading to the emergency room or their doctor more frequently. Hey, do you blame them? It’s free! When something is free what do you think will happen next? We will see doctors hanging up their practice, or stop taking in new patients. Therefore a demand of patient service will lead to sloppy and ration care from our healthcare professionals. Also, this will trigger the federal government to impose the option plan as their next agenda. They will say insurance companies can’t hand the workload and pay these claims. So, here comes the federal government to the rescue. This is another scam in the making. The government will get into the insurance business. Yes, it will be another stab to our freedom.

So, before you get happy and giddy that a Democrat has transformed a sector that will take up 20% of our economy, just know every decision has consequences. If you don’t believe me, just witness how your life will be in the next couple years. The process has already started. You better hold on for dear life because it is going to suck!