Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Romneycare and Obamacare are the Same Thing

If you don’t understand what Universal Healthcare means to you, then you should look what happen to Massachusetts under then Governor Mitt Romney. Romneycare is almost identical to Obamacare. They both promise to cover all of the uninsured, penalize those who aren’t cover by a health insurance plan, reduce cost for insurance premiums, make health coverage more affordable, and lessen the burden on the budget.

Guess what? Romneycare failed and so will Obamacare. Under two years of Romneycare, insurance premium went up double digits in the state of Massachusetts while the rest of the country has gone up at half the speed. Because of a monopoly of large insurers, insurance premiums have gone through the roof. Under Obamacare, no one knows who will be the insurer of his healthcare plan. Heck, it could be Jessie Jackson and Rev Al Sharpton opening an insurance business together. Because of the high premiums, government intervention made matters worst. Yes, anytime a government sticks their nose into something, it is usually bad. Now, I’m only taking about Massachusetts. Imagine what it will be like for the whole country.

Don’t even believe in the cost to administer the program. Romney miss his projection by a huge margin and with the printing press running in overdrive, I can see Obamacare will be more costly than what pundits are predicting. They say Obamacare will run $1 trillion in 10 years. I say it will be much more. Since Massachusetts can’t print their own money, they are dependent on federal subsidies to help offset the cost. I’m so glad the federal government won’t have that problem (sarcasm). Besides getting funds from the federal government, Romney had to increase taxes indirectly by putting heavy levies on everything from soda/candy to alcohol/cigarettes. Under Obamacare, Obama will have no option, but to tax us till we bleed. Obamacare will end up like Romneycare by forcing affordable insurance down our throats, which will lead to ration care and deteriorating quality of care.

Look what has happen with Romneycare. The wait time to make an appoint to see a doctor rose and the waiting times in the emergency room also rose dramatically. This is what will happen under Obamacare on a grand level. We will see doctors leaving their practice, doctors not taking in new patient, doctors being limited in how they practice, pharmacies will stop taking in new insurance plans (Walgreens/Medicaid), and you will finally understand what ration care really mean. To top that off, Obamacare will punish anyone who won’t purchase insurance coverage. It will cripple the insurance companies to go bankrupt when the public option is still in play. It’s not over yet. Obama is on a roll to cripple this country into submission