Friday, March 19, 2010

Screw Obama, Impreach Him

For the past several presidents that served this country, I have heard the word impeachment used as normal everyday talk. Of course, it is all talk; and every time the word “impeachment” is being used, that individual is being looked as an idiot. But as things have change in this environment; the role of impeachment has purpose with this president in the oval office.

Barack Hussein Obama needs to be IMPEACHED!

Before anyone starts rolling their eyes, I will quantify my statement. Ever since that phony was elected to the White House, Obama went on a rampage to destroy the very fabric that we call “The Constitution.” Obama’s sole intention is to rupture the very pillars that we call democracy. At first, I was not too concern what occurs in Congress because I believe in the political process to pass a bill to be fair and just, but until now. Obama is so adamant to pass his Marxist view that he will do anything to achieve it. He knows once his political agenda is passed it will be very difficult to reverse it. You can look at Medicare and Social Security as good examples. The intent of circumventing a traditional constitutional process to pass a bad bill is treasonous and lecherous. This is what Obama wants and is pushing members of the Democrat Congress to do the same. The idea of supporting a plan to bypass a vote in either House and say that the bill is “deemed to be passed” is a direct violation of our democratic process. As stated, Article 1, Section 7 of the Constitution stipulates that for any bill to become a law, it MUST pass both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The plan of this Democrat Congress is not to pass the Senate version of the healthcare bill, but rather vote on a series of amendments to fix the things the House doesn’t like. That means the House could leave the Senate “Nebraska Medicaid Kickback,” and the “Louisiana Purchase” Amendment alone. This is call “reconciliation.” Doing this will bypass everything so that the president can sign a bad bill as law. For those who are inept in the legislative process, before a bill is signed by the president and become a legitimate law, the bill MUST have the exact same language in both chambers.

This is one of many reasons why Obama needs to be impeached. Not defending the Constitution and imposing a leftist revolution is not what our forefathers wanted. Obama snubbed the presidency and went on a power trip by expanding the role of the federal government. He has brought “Big Brother” in every person’s life with nationalization of big banks, car industry, financial institution, “Cap-and-Trade,” college loans, and expanding the IRS as the police watch dog for health insurance. Obama wants to take one-sixth of our economy to expand his Marxist view with Universal Healthcare. He wants to make every illegal alien in America as citizens. There are talks of removing a provision on term limits for president so that Obama can be a long term dictator like Chavez or Saddam Hussein.

By allowing any bills go through Congress without a vote and have the president sign it to law guarantees it is illegitimate, illegal, and unconstitutional. It would be a crime against the American people and a direct insult to the foundation what this country is founded on – The Constitution. My premise allowing procedural rules to be replace by a one-party rule meets the threshold of “high crimes and misdemeanor,” which is an impeachable offense. We are witnessing the demise of our freedom and democracy. The very essence of what our ancestors had created is being chipped away piece by piece by morons who think they know what is best for the American people.