Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Got Universal Healthcare

I have to say, “Screw the president and his idiot friends in Congress!” It seems at the moment I write this blog, Congress will pass Universal Healthcare. This unconstitutional bill will force every American to purchase health insurance. While I can never understand why people are so adamant that everybody needs to get insurance, it seems most are missing the point. To have the right to have something is something inherent and not to be obtrusive to the right of others. The Right to Vote, the Right to Own Firearms, and the Right to Religion are basic fundamentals that do not infringe the right of others. The Right to Healthcare is not. In other words, to have the inherent right to something, it should not be subsidized by others. It is infringing that person’s right.

While I will stand by the Tenth Amendment, which says “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states,” there are 40 states currently that have seek to limit or oppose Universal Healthcare in their respective states by suing the Federal Government, through imposing state laws, or state constitutional amendments.

We may have lost this fight, but don’t deter your efforts to have your voice heard. We got the November election this year to oust these idiots out of office. Also, we have set precedence in the books of the Supreme Court to prove that they support state rights over the federal government. Keep in mind that there are 14 states are allowing its use for medical purpose despite the ban by the federal government and it has been upheld by the US Supreme Court. I am a Federalist and I will defend the Tenth Amendment to the best of my ability. The growth of the Federal Government is exponentially getting out of hand. This country isn’t broken. We do have problems that need to be fixed. We need to get rid of that idiot behind the chair in the Oval Office and those morons in Congress.

Don’t give up hope. The law of the land will prevail. The people voice will be heard.