Monday, March 22, 2010

Where are my Liberal Democrat Friends

Where are my Liberal opponents now-a-days? You got your idiotic president in and I don’t seem to hear much from you. I came back full time writing as many blogs to piss you people off and I don’t hear a peep.

Is it because I am right about this moron who thinks the world revolves around him? Have you changed you tune and joined the Independent party? I am getting bored writing the obvious and without an opposition, it tells me one thing. That you people have no freaking idea what you are talking about. You are a bunch of cowards. Blurting talking points from the left without backing up with facts is disingenuous. I am appalled that Liberals and Democrats continue with the tirade of hope and change while we are experiencing double digit unemployment, a recession, high taxes, a global warming hoax, and a government takeover of our private sector.

Am I assuming you are embarrassed that it took the majority of Congress, who are all Democrats, and a confused president to wake you up from a coma? Democrats are a pitiful bunch of cry babies. While you enjoy blasting at Republicans, keep in mind there are more Republican presidents we can be proud of and not be embarrassed, unlike Democrat presidents. I can go back as far to FDR to prove my point. While I am grateful FDR had the foresight to see America as a superpower, he was a dictator. He imposed a socialist agenda to the American people. In fact, one of his socialist ideas was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court that he controlled. We can continue to Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, then Bill Clinton, and your current president. All of them I consider FAILURES. Each of these bozos is an embarrassment to this country. Let me repeat again. There are more Republican presidents that we can be proud of than any Democrat president.

So, don’t go telling me about sex scandals and corruptions among some Republicans. Giving a pass to corrupt Democrats because they have no scruples or moral turpitude should not be an excuse. It seems unjust to put Republican on a pedestal of honor and a standard of excellence and any mistakes to the contrary should be crucified? But alas, it is a standard we must upkeep. I understand and stand proud to be a Conservative Republican. It is the standard that I must burden with others like me.

I will never understand Democrats and I never want to entertain the thought. I am embarrassed when people bold say they are Democrats. The idea of thinking of the “little people” may be noble, but wouldn’t it be grander to think of the whole than the sum of its parts? Why pit one group over the other? Shouldn’t it be a win-win situation for all? Democrats are chiefly concern to suit their own needs and like to side a position if it is selfishly expedient. It seems any position Democrats takes need to ram-rod down our throats. Something like that tends to be a bit painful to swallow (no pun intended) and can destroy the overall continuity of the group as a whole.

But I hate to digress. Where are my Liberal friends as of late? It’s getting boring to read comments from my blogs who agree with me. I want to debate and others to debate with you. It is the only way you can understand reality.