Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The World Hates Us

It is a given to say that the approval rating for Obama is tanking at an exponential rate. Poll after poll is consistently showing Obama in the mid-40’s on his job approval. While domestic policies are important to us, we should not neglect our national security. Did you know that majority of Americans view us as less respected to other nations now with Obama than with President Bush?

Yes it is true. A new poll conducted by “The Democracy Corps Third Way” this week demonstrated that Obama and the Democrat loons in Capitol Hill fall short of Republicans on national security issues. And it is not just falling short to say the least, but by a 10-point margin. Americans have the impression that the United States standing to the world has fallen into the abyss during the first year Obama took office.

Well, after the Texas massacre at Fort Hood and the Christmas Day terrorist attempt, I can honestly say that we are not safe under this president. Obama is weakening our military by not having a distinct plan with the war in Afghanistan and breaking the military morale by politicizing the policy “don’t ask, don’t tell.” Then we have the confusion in prosecuting those detained terrorist in NYC, who are involved in bombing the World Trade Center, in a civil court or a military tribunal. And let’s not forget the proliferation in a nuclear Iran and North Korea that’s causing the Obama Administration headaches.

And this is coming from a president who just won the Nobel peace prize. This is no coincidence. Our president has no idea what the heck he is doing. Well, it’s a little late for “I’m sorry.”