Thursday, April 29, 2010

Congress Pushing Puerto Rico as the 51st State

In the next several hours the House of Representatives will be voting on HT 2499, which is a bill to make Puerto Rico as the 51st state. It’s a very sneaky and stealthy legislation that many didn’t know about. I saw this news on Fox News and I’m surprise no one has taken the time to speak up on this topic.

I know the people of Puerto Rico has adamantly decline to be a state of the US in 1967, 1993, and 1998, and I do not see that sentiment changing anytime soon. But with the Democrats in Congress pushing legislation to make it otherwise, it gives a backdoor way to put a new spin in keeping Hispanics in the deep pockets of the Democrat Majority. Congress has no right in putting a gun to Puerto Rico and makes it into statehood. The people of Puerto Rico have made it loud and clear since 1967.

Let me put this in a most concise way I know possible. The US would become a bilingual nation because most Puerto Ricans don’t care to speak English. It isn’t taught in school except as an elective in high school. It is the same here how many high school students have to take a two year language elective (Spanish, German, French) as a requirement for graduation. If US main language is English, how will it reflect by adding Puerto Rico as part of the union?

Since Puerto Rico lives well below the US poverty line, they would be one of our poorest states. It would be a big cluster f*ck to see how the federal government would resolve that particular issue. If Puerto Rico becomes part of the United States, they would be part of a higher American standard of living and that may be a burden for the sovereignty of this nation.

Since Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States, it enjoys the protection and support from us; but as typical Democrats have a lack of, Congress doesn’t understand the implications of pushing this measure. Democrats always creates crisis where is not warranted. They also don’t think far down the road. There mentality is vote it now and we can debate it later. Look at the Universal Healthcare and the $787 billion stimulus plan to understand what I mean. In this case, Congress didn’t figure out that Puerto Rico will have more congressmen than half of the current 50 states. I think Puerto Rico will add 8 additional Congressmen to Congress. Also, since by statute, the House of Representative has a limit to 435 seats in Congress. That means someone will be screwed out from 7 states of at least one congressman. I can imagine the fiasco of a law suit from the general public for being disenfranchise.

The worst part that many people of Puerto Rico will have to endure is the stupid laws set forth by Obama and his clowns in Congress. I can’t see any benefit of Puerto Rico becoming a state of this nation. They are better set as being part of the commonwealth of the United States enjoying the protection and support provided by us. If the main question is to have the right to vote in our elections, then an amendment to the US Constitution may be needed to satisfy their concern. This is one of the main reasons what many people of Puerto Rico wanted and that is to be part of the political system of the United States. It would be much easier to debate in amending the Constitution than making a radical concept into reality. Typical Democrats, to fix a headache, they would cure it by cutting off the head.