Sunday, April 4, 2010

Defending George Bush Spending

While I will try to tolerate ignorance and pure stupidity, I want to annoy Obama supporters and to educate anti-Bush supporters who constantly attack former President Bush and his legacy. The complacency of the American people who wanted to see the Bush leave office seems unwarranted. While many would use the MSM talking points to describe the out-of-control spending under the Bush Administration, I bet no one can defend their position because many are lazy to find the answer. I call it being politically expedient.

It may seem late for me to write this since Bush had left office over a year ago, but I am coming across idiots from far and wide showing angst when they hear his name mentioned. Why? I am not afraid to say that I am grateful for the former president. He was the right choice to lead this country after the embarrassment we had witness from the Clinton Administration.

While people would jump Bush for his spending thirst, I need to remind many that the bulk of its discretionary and non discretionary spending was building our national defense and homeland security post 9/11. Reagan did it during his term in office and the result from that was the end of the Cold War without a single shot fired. How we tend to forget history. Besides beefing up our national security, Bush extended his hand to this nation and abroad for a better humanity. Bush’s commitment to tackle one specific disease has not been demonstrated by any president. In 2003, Bush said he will commit $15 billion and lead other nations to fight against AIDS in afflicted nations like Africa. That humanitarian cause was a success. It didn’t cure AIDS but it prevented the spread of it and save millions of lives. Besides AIDS, Bush went on to spend $2 billion to combat malaria and other plagues of nature.

Beside quadrupling US aid to Africa to $5 billion in 2008 and doubling foreign aid worldwide in his two terms in office, Bush revolutionized the way aid will be distributed by creating a partnership with a private corporation to oversee accountability and transparency. This is something Obama lacks. But I digress.

Let’s not forget how Bush dealt with a touchy subject Medicare. Bush provided the 45 million seniors who did not have affordable access to prescription drugs a way to have better access to obtain their medication. I heard it all from both sides. The conservatives on the right would say it is too expensive and the Liberals bitched that it would affect the markets and competition. But with overwhelming support from the seniors, there are more seniors living healthier lives. Also, Medicare drug spending was well below what others predicted, but I don’t think no one would have told you that.

If you want to discuss spending, I can’t tolerate the ignorance when people criticize “No Child Left Behind.” While it is determined that education here in America has been ignored, the ramification of the lack there of is unprecedented. Did you know that infant mortality is two times greater for a woman who never finishes high school when compared with one who has a college degree? Bush took that stand to improve elementary, middle, and high school education by demanding transparency, accountability, and lifting expectations. Is there a problem with that? The US is so far behind the eight ball when compared against the world in regards to science and math. We failed miserably. Bush took education and poured tax dollars into education as a moral issue to give our children a chance in life.

So, for those na├»ve who fall prey to the MSM suggestion that Bush’s excessive spending was too much, you need to look at the moral compass of the man. I find nothing wrong how Bush performed while in the White House. He protected the country from future attacks after 9/11 by beefing up our security. While many would say he didn’t create any jobs, he kept the country at full employment with his tax cuts. I think unemployment under Bush was 5%. Bush’s compassion for his fellow man here and aboard is without question. He cares for the children of this nation and did what was best to give them a head start and to be able to compete with other children from other nations. While Obama is criticizing Bush’s Medicare Part D, Bush had a moral responsibility to provide the best possible care for our seniors.

Please be honest with me. From the stance I have positioned, do you find what Bush did was wrong? There is no comparison to brag about when we talk about our current president. While Bush’s spending was morally and ethically appropriate, I find the spending under Obama to be corrupt, underhanded, and deceitful. You spend to get a result that benefits everybody. You don’t spend your way to destroy the very foundation which this country is founded on. You don’t spend your way out of a recession. You don’t dramatically change a system that hasn’t worked in other countries (Universal Healthcare). You don’t spend tax dollar money to create jobs. Government doesn’t create jobs; but rather, expanding the size of government. You don’t destroy capitalism for a system that has never been tried in this country (full-blown socialism). You can’t lead a country if you feel the need to apologies to every country because we are arrogant. For the problems I see with this current president, I really miss President Bush!