Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Hope Obama Prediction Comes True

I hope the statement by Obama at a DNC fundraiser in Boston will transpire into reality.

Quote: "These November elections will be hard. Partly because this country is still divided, and after 2006 and 2008 we hit a very high-water mark in terms of Democratic representation in Congress and governorships, and we're in the midst of what is still a very difficult time."

In other words, Democrats cannot blame the Republican since they took over the majority. Republicans are insignificant when comes to a say on any piece of legislation. Therefore, since 2006, the Democrats have been making a mess to the economic welfare and security of this country. And I sit here laughing to myself to look back for all the blame Liberals and the like they gave to Republicans for being as evil and corrupt. Democrats are worst. We have seen it before during the Clinton Administration, but people are so complacent and ignorant to remember it. Now, I hope you realize the devastation America is in with Democrats in power. We got a recession 2 years running, high unemployment, a very weak dollar, unsustainable national debt, overblown budget, weaken national security, continue high oil price, a bogus global warming, a national takeover to our private sector, a spend happy Congress, and soon to happen, hyperinflation. Yes, we can give all the credit to the Democrats who hijacked Congress since 2006.

It is our turn to turn back the pages to 1994, when the GOP took over and made America prosperous again. It’s our responsibility to pick the right candidate that shares our empathy and not some used car salesman pushing empty promises. We were duped once. Don’t let it happen again. We live in dire times. Our very existence is hanging by a thread. To experiment a theory upon us (socialism/communism/Leninism) without testing it out on a model is a detriment to the American people. We are not guinea pigs. Besides, capitalism and democracy has worked in this country for so long, why change?