Thursday, April 15, 2010

Illegal Aliens Having the Same Right Under the US Constitution

If you think immigration isn’t important, let me tell you a story that will irate the American people.

What would be a consensus if I were to tell you that any illegal alien can win a lawsuit in our American court system? Well, that’s what happened today when the State Supreme Court of Washington ruled 7-2 saying illegal aliens should have the same access to civil courts and be given the same outcome and decision as provided to US citizen.

Alex Salas is an illegal alien since 1994. He is married and has three children born in America illegally. He worked illegally by lying about his social security to a contractor Hi-Tech Erectors. Salas sued his employer for injuries suffered from falling off a ladder to a sum of $1 million in damages. Salas says the ladder didn’t meet safety codes, but forgot to say he slipped and fell in wet conditions. Yes, that is right. That dumbass blames the company because he slipped off the ladder while it was raining that day. What ever happen to personal responsibility? So, am I going to assume that if you screw up, you have the right to blame someone else? Have we become a nanny state where we have to find recourse for our stupidity? Has common sense thrown out the window?

Even though they found the contractor was negligent, Salas was not awarded the $1 million judgment. I think it is due that it was revealed that he is an illegal alien. Now, with this stupid ruling, we are opening Pandora box. It means any illegal alien may sue any employer, hospital, doctors, and any private citizens and win judgment. Can you imagine the influx of lawsuits entering the court system? These illegal aliens can join the other millions of happy –go-lucky sue-happy idiots who are jamming the court system with frivolous lawsuits.

You may ask, how is going to affect me? Well, most of these trials taking place in our courtrooms will be paid from US tax dollars. Being inundated with lawsuits, it may take years to bring a trial to court. Most of the time, the accused will be out on bail and may disappear or commit other crimes when given the opportunity. If we are nation of laws, why are we bending over to these illegal aliens? Since when are they so important to protect? I should expect more illegal aliens coming into this country knowing they are protect under our Constitution. This is why I truly believe in border security and kick these free-loaders back to where they come from.

This is what Liberals do. They love to deface the laws that have been written and interpret laws how they feel at the moment. It will be impossible to change the way how law schools teach these potential naïve lawyers. It is the blind leading the blind. The only way to solve this is by conditioning our children at home the conservative values and traditions set forth by our ancestors. As the famed talk show personality Michael Savage would say, “Liberalism is a true mental disorder.”