Friday, April 16, 2010

Jews are Still Blinded by a Muslim President

What’s wrong with the Jewish people living in America? In 2008, 78% of the American Jews voted for Obama. Currently, a little more than 50% gives two thumbs up on his job approval. I just don’t get it. You are people really misguided by your lack of understanding that this president is throwing Israel under the bus for his own political gain? You people need to wake up because a modern day holocaust is only footsteps away.

Don’t you understand that the reputation Obama needs to maintain as a transformational leader is the only important thing he is concerned. He cares less about the consequences of his actions. He wants to maintain and image of being omnipotent with the help of the media. Even with Bill Clinton and his embarrassing moments during his second term with the Monica Lewinsky fiasco, the media portrayed him as a great president. But we all know that Billy was a big flop.

Obama is so adamant to prove that he has some foreign policy experience by forcing to broker a historic formation of a Palestinian state. In the process, he condemns Israel over its plans to build apartment buildings in East Jerusalem. Someone needs to remind Obama that East Jerusalem is a territory won by Israel during the 1967 Mideast war. I have been attacked from idiots of my support that Jerusalem belongs to Israel. It should not be exchanged, broken off, or shared with any other nation. Heck, when we won the Mexican-American war and gain territories along the western coast of the United States, do you think Obama should give the land back to Mexico? I don’t think so. This is why I don’t believe Israel should give up Jerusalem.

Israel has for many years tried to appease America and other nations that peace can be brokered by giving up some of its sovereignty, and look what happened. Israel got a spit in the face. Israel withdrew from Lebanon in the interest of peace and got war instead. Israel withdrew from the West Bank and it cost many Israelis to die under the hands of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. The same happened when Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip. As we all know that appeasing to terrorist will never work, Obama is still adamant that making a few more concessions from Israel will make things okay. The idea to make concession for the sake for peace doesn’t seem right. While there are hostile countries like Syria and Iran vowing for Israel extinction, I can’t accept giving up some pieces of land will solve the conflict. I cannot understand the thinking process of Obama. If Obama is so irate with Israel’s construction in East Jerusalem, why isn’t he irate with Iran coming ever so close in obtaining their nuclear ambition for war? I guess Obama doesn’t know which side the good guys are on.

There are two main purposes for a government and that is to maintain the security of its people and the sovereignty of its borders. That was what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asking for during his recent talks with Obama, which he completely ignored. Doesn’t Israel have the right to exist? By removing strategic parameters to avoid annihilation, does Israel have any chance to avoid another Holocaust? I can remember a phrase recited from a prayer book during Passover Seder saying, “May we be spared sorrow and adversity, and may we never suffer shame or humiliation.” If the Jewish people adhere to this message, there will no appeasement to terrorist, there will be no giving up any land, and that Israel has a right to exist! If the American Jews support in the annihilation of Israel, then I won’t get in the way for the extinction of Jews living in America.