Friday, April 2, 2010

Job Figures Looks Good But Unemployment Unchanged

While Obama is gloating on the latest data showing employers created 162,000 jobs in March, let me tell you the real truth. Of the 162,000 jobs created, more than a quarter of that was the expansion of government jobs. Mostly, the jobs created by the government were the result of temporary census workers to do the census. Let’s not kid ourselves. The current unemployment figures are still in the ballpark figure of 10 percent.

Heavens forbid you would hear the real truth from Obama and the media. These temporary jobs to do the census are just that, temporary. When government expands it will increase the budget deficit, and more notably, the nation debt. Please keep in mind that government does not create jobs. It is the private sector, which is the steam engine that made this country great. Obama pushed a $787 billion stimulus bill and just past the jobs bill and what do we see? Obama promise that the unemployment won’t go past 8 percent. That failed. It jumped to the 10 percent range and will be in that ballpark figure for the rest of the year. Instead of bringing down unemployment, we are racking up the national debt.

In reality, the American people only care what affects their wallets and that is jobs. The unemployment rate is the only benchmark most American can relate. So far, Obama has not lived up to expectation in the eyes of the general public. His economic policies are worst than former President Jimmy Carter. At the current pace, Obama’s policies will cause deficits to be unsustainable and threaten the solvency of our entire economy.