Friday, April 30, 2010

Liberals Use Nazism to Describe Arizona Immigration Law

The tone from the Arizona immigration law is quite startling. I would never in my wildest dream to see Nazism shouted out from the mouths from Democrats and a few idiot Republicans. To describe the Arizona immigration law as reminiscent to World War II German Gestapo asking anyone for their documents is extremely laughable.

To use the word “documents” or “papers” as a reminder of what was it like to live in World War II in Nazi Germany has no idea what the hell they are talking about. Except watching old movies of that era, there is no one in the past 50 years would know what that meant. In today’s society, the term “documents” or “papers” should be synonymous to a driver’s license, visa, and passport.

Also, I must resent the stupidity from Democrats that the Arizona immigration law will mandate any police officer the right to stop anybody and ask for proper identification. Let me state that the law will allow law enforcement to stop anyone base on reasonable suspicion (legal profiling) or if the individual has broken the law to find out if they are here in this country legally.

What is the difference when we are asked for our driver’s license, car registration, and car insurance when we are stop by a police officer in a moving violation? Is that illegal? Should we tell them it’s none of their business? Is it okay to tell them there is no need to know if I am here legally or not? It seems pretty stupid, doesn’t it? If we look underage to drink at a bar, we need to show proper “documents.” If we need to cash in a check, we have to show proper identification with the proper “documents.” If we go to another country, we have to show proper “papers.” If we want to go into a club, we have to show proper identification. So, what is the big deal?

In fact, the Arizona immigration law is the mirror image of the Federal immigration law that isn’t being enforced. The governor of Arizona took the Federal Law and made it into a state law since Arizona has become a drug infested gang ridden war zone. The Liberals are scared that the example of Arizona will spark other states to follow same suit. Guess what? Liberals are right. Just like the Attorney General of many states filing law suits against the Federal Government for mandating private citizens to obtain health insurance, there are signs that other states are going to adopt the Arizona immigration law for their own respective state. Good examples are Texas, Utah, Georgia, Ohio, Alabama, and Maryland. These states are seizing on Arizona’s hard-line approach to illegal immigration.

Doesn’t the state have the right to defend itself? If the Federal immigration law is the law of the land, why can’t the states adopt it for their own use? Since the Federal government won’t do anything about immigration, should the states ignore the crimes committed by these illegal aliens? Did you know 1 out of 3 criminals in the Federal prisons are illegal aliens? It is true.

Instead of supporting the immigration law of Arizona, Obama wanted to slap a lawsuit against the state. I was amaze by his pathetic display of tyranny. Instead of disagreeing with the law being passed, he goes out and condemns the act. I’m very sorry that the potential voters from these illegal aliens won’t be able to vote in the upcoming elections. Now, it seems Obama and the Liberal Democrats are pushing ahead and try to get some immigration bill pass this year.

I’m so glad to see immigration as the main topic in Washington these days. It is about time to discuss it and do something that should have be done long time ago. I need to thank the governor of Arizona to jump start the debate. I hope many other states jump on the bandwagon. This is real important to the economy, national security, and the sovereignty of this great nation.