Friday, April 30, 2010

North Korea Involved with the Oil Rig Explosion

I can recall the idiot Liberals calling the Katrina hurricane as George Bush fault because of his 2 ½ day delay in responding to the emergency; even though, the federal government was awaiting the call from the state of Louisiana for assistance. To digress, Louisiana had a 5 day warning window that the hurricane was coming; they didn’t notify the towns’ people the dire need to leave the city, the mayor was an idiot not to use the school buses to evacuate, and they blamed it on racism. But like I said, I digress. Now, let’s turn our eye to what is not being mentioned. The explosion from the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, which took place a little over a week ago, had been ignored by the media and the federal government. Where was Obama? Why did it take over a week to respond? Why did they send a SWAT team to investigate the accident? Why did Obama dispatch the Justice Department to review the area? Where was Homeland Security? Where was FEMA?

There are so many questions left unanswered to a big cluster f*ck. The media is saying the oil spill will eclipse the infamous Exxon Valdez disaster so long ago. Reports as estimated that 5,000 barrels a day is flowing throughout the Gulf. Therefore, the spill itself was bigger than what people had imagined. The million dollar question is “where is the federal government to the rescue?”

It seems ironic that this disaster occurred around Earth Day 2010. This explosion on the Transocean Deepwater Horizon Drilling rig killed 11 workers. This is probably the worst environmental hazard that will test Obama’s resolve. So far, he sent down a SWAT team to investigate. That means there may be foul play or some sort of espionage at the disaster site. He then sends down a bunch of lawyers to assess the damage before they start filing lawsuit to every single entity tied to the explosion. So, to the conspiracy theorist, do you think there is some foul play involved?

With the sinking of a South Korean ship from North Korean subs, what make you think that this disaster wasn’t a terrorist plot committed by North Korea? Big explosions don’t normally occur on an oil rig. Could it be plausible that a submarine enter in the Gulf waters, hit the rig by torpedo and ram into it suicide style? Did you know the rig was constructed by a South Korean company? Why Obama ordered a complete blackout over North Korea? Why is the feds quiet about this? Does this mean we are going to war with North Korea? What hasn’t anybody say anything about this? Where it the transparency Obama promised us?

So, this is my problem. Why is Obama secretive about this? Why did it take over a week for Obama to respond to the oil spill? Why did he send the SWAT team and the Justice Department to the region first? Why didn’t Obama apologize and admit to this lack of leadership as he once said Bush was lax with Katrina?