Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obama is a FUBAR! HOOAH!

Have you ever wondered why we are a super power nation? Have you ever wondered why no one wants to take us on one-on-one? It is because we have the technology, the military might, and nuclear weapons to deter other nations from screwing us. Yes, deterrence is what kept this country safe. It was last tested back on September 11, 2001, and I bet these idiotic terrorist would like to take it back because they have done something that was irreversible. These terrorist woke up a sleeping giant. From that dark period in history, America has not let down our guard and continued to be aggressive against terrorism, until now.

First, this idiot president of ours offered an apology to every single Muslim country for our arrogance. In my eyes, we just told them we are weak. Then Obama supports to change the definition from the war on terror to some man-made disaster. In my eyes, they know we are weak. Now, this president took the final piece of safety by telling the world we will not show our nuclear power under any circumstances. In my eyes, it is the end of the sovereignty of the United States.

Obama is mandating a policy to reduce the number of potential American nuclear targets. Ok, I will be apprehensive to accept that, but he continued to say he will not necessarily use nuclear weapons in response to attacks upon us by weapons of mass destruction. That is something I will NEVER accept.

It is bad enough for Obama to change the very fabric in America by mandating a Universal Healthcare, but to drastically change our national security, it proves my point that this president wants to see this country resemble like the fall of Rome. Just like not knowing what is in the healthcare bill until it is passed, this idiot president of ours wants to disassemble our only barrier for deterrence first before tackling other rogue nation’s nuclear ambition (Iran and North Korea). Can someone tell me if that logic make sense?

Am I going to assume that if we hold hands and sing “Kumbaya,” the other nations like North Korea, Russia, and Iran will put down their nuclear ambitions? Yeah, right! America should not be thinking of downgrading our nuclear capacity at any time when there is a nuclear threat around the world. We are the policeman of the world, and since we are responsible for the safety of other nations, it would be our best interest to show who is boss. Reagan did it magnificently when he took down the Berlin Wall and went to win the Cold War without firing a single shot. Reagan developed our military might and made the Soviet Union succumb to our will.

This Marxist president that we have currently doesn’t believe in negotiating through strength. He believes like any Liberal and that is through appeasement. This president is such a pansy. In order to have leverage, your enemy needs to be afraid of you and to be second guessing our intentions. That’s how to show ones superiority. In army jargon, this president needs more retaining because he is an ODF (Out Dare Flappin) or has no fucking clue! Honestly, Obama is dumber than a box of rocks! As stated earlier, this president doesn’t know how to handle terrorism. This president is a FUBAR (Fucked UP Beyond All Recognition). Besides being dumber than a box of rocks and a big time dead wood, this president needs to SWAG (Scientific Wild Ass Guess) for answers. Mr. President, and I use the term loosely, this a major SNAFU you have gotten us into and it is dire time to step down so others can lead us from annihilation.

Our military is high speed; do not let this butter bar in the White House tell you otherwise. Understand Obama is a Newbie and this is all new to him. Yeah, he’s “all ate up with it!” You guys and girls over there are doing fine, DRIVE ON! HOOAH!