Monday, April 19, 2010

Obama is Preparing for the Perfect Storm

Obama better embrace the perfect storm. This phony president has awakened the sleeping giant- the American people. The demonstration on the street and the protests throughout this land is the representation of democracy (mob rule). Its pertinent nature describes how this country is run. It is not run by one man or one body; but rather, it is run by the voting public. Whether right or wrong, we elect those to represent us and this country. If they abuse their elected position, there is recourse. The predominant action is via the voting booth.

In the latest Pew Survey, they describe a very irate American public likely to cause a major stir and headache to the Democrat party. Already we have voters feeling buyer’s remorse by electing this idiot as our president. I have stressed for several years what to expect if Obama was elected into office and now, you are getting the full physical exposure of his liberal ideology. This survey brilliantly describes this environment as “a perfect storm of conditions associated with distrust of government -- a dismal economy, an unhappy public, bitter partisan-based backlash, and epic discontent with Congress and elected officials.”

Since you cannot blame Republican at this juncture because they are silenced by the Democratic Majority, it is the Democrats that own this current botched-up mess we are in right now. Many have said why the Republican Party isn’t voicing their frustration on Capitol Hill? Well, they are, in a way, but not many media outlets are reporting it. On the other hand, many Republican strategists are allowing the Democrats to hang themselves to bolster the anger till November. I have to concur with the idea. If the American people are so hopeful that the Democrats can improve America, then it would be ideal to show them how corrupt and disingenuous they are in reality. I still cannot find in our American history a known Democrat that made a positive and lasting impact to this country. While labeling the stereotype that Republicans are corrupt, I wonder what label stereotype we can place on Democrats?

While the survey showed the American people have a 17 percent approval rating to Congress, only 40 percent of Democrats have a favorable impression of the Democratic Majority. That is pretty significant when Democrats view their own party as dismal and pathetic. There are other polls and survey to back the Pew Survey. No matter how the Democrat Majority and Obama are down playing this, one this is certain. There will be a severe backlash to the Democrat Majority this coming November. It is sad that it takes physical proof that Democrats cannot run this country. How we the people forget so easily? I guess suffering is a great motivator to get people off their ass; even though the damage has been already done.