Sunday, April 18, 2010

Poland Mourns While Obama Goes Golfing

Here is the scenario. An important leader who is an ally to the United States tragically died. You are unable to attend the funeral due to unforeseen inclement weather. What do you do? Go golfing? Well, that is what our space cadet president did yesterday.

It is understandable that because of the massive volcanic eruption in Iceland cause many flights around Europe had to be cancelled. I do understand that it would be difficult for Obama to take a flight to attend the funeral of the late Polish president. But wouldn’t it be in good taste to show some respect during this time of mourning not to go out and have a grand ole time at the links with buddies? Wouldn’t be more tasteful for Obama to go to the Polish embassy and send his sincere condolences to the Polish people instead? If Obama had any common sense, he would at least show some refrain for an ally who is a good friend to the United States.

This is Obama’s 32nd time he played golf during his year in office. Did you know Bush only played 24 times during his 8 years in office? Did you know Bush stop playing golf after the Iraq war began? Do you know why? It is because Bush wanted to show respect to the families of our armed services. I wish Obama followed Bush’s example. Instead of bowing to foreign leaders, embracing our enemies, and thumbing his nose to our allies, I wish Obama stops his stupidity and learn some etiquette. Besides, it doesn’t matter how many times he plays golf, he still sucks at the game. So, give it up already, Mr. President.