Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tell Obama Israel is our Friend

During this special season of Passover and Easter, I have not once heard anything about it being mentioned from this president. It is bad enough that our idiot president decides to snub Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House, but to denounce the Judeo/Christian faith is rather remarkable. This president has not even joined a church. Obama said he like the services that were offered at Camp David, but I was wondering if he wasn’t worshiping himself at the service offered there.

This country has always been a friend to Israel and will remain so. I knew that the Muslim side of Obama will stand out and it was blatant when he walked out of a meeting with Netanyahu at the White House. The audacity to invite the PM of Israel to stay at the White House, but not invite him to dinner was really embarrassing. The arrogance was unprecedented when Obama tells PM Netanyahu just before walking out from their meeting that he will be around and call him if he reconsiders the Obama ultimatum. There were reports that Obama dined alone while the Prime Minister seems befuddled by the treatment given by this obnoxious president.

This president when he won the election went campaigning throughout the Muslim world offering apologies of America’s arrogance, but gave the middle finger to Netanyahu and the Israelites. Obama would rather side with Iran, North Korea, and Syria than side with the only best friend in the Middle East- Israel. Obama’s argument against Israel is the additional construction in east Jerusalem, which will inflame any further discussion with the Palestinians. Obama is demanding that Netanyahu halt further construction and settlement in east Jerusalem.

Here is where I need to correct the lack of intelligence Obama seems to display. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and has been the capital of Israel since 1967. I just don’t understand why it needs to be split to appease the Palestinian terrorist regime of Hamas. In fact, I can’t believe this argument is about appeasing the Palestinians. I feel it is not a crime for Israel to build homes in the capital that was granted to them in which their citizens could live. It is an outrage to see the stupidity from president Obama. I have seen other countries creating a “Jewish-free zone,” but not in Israel’s own capital. It is like Iran telling Obama they want Rhode Island as their extended country. It is an outrageous demand for any president to suggest.

I really believe Obama is making Israel into a pariah and is willing to throw them under the bus to appease the Muslim world. I have been telling you from day one. Obama is not the first black president, but rather, he is the first Muslim president. I feel sorry for the Jewish people who were duped by this president. We have warned you about Obama and his radical ways. Just because Jewish people votes Democrat majority of the time, they should not compromise common sense. I know deep down that every single Jewish person in America still hold the values and traditions of Judaism. Keep in mind that this president is destroying the very essence of your existence. If you keep letting him damage US/Israel relation, you are committing your own holocaust because without United States, Israel would be alone defending against a pack of wolves. Don’t let this Hitler we have commit genocide!