Monday, May 3, 2010

DNC Chairmans Pathetic Plea to America

Did you hear the 2010 election message by DNC Chairman Tim Kaine is spewing? He says that the Democrats in Washington has accomplished more than any other party in a long time. That is the most pathetic statement I have heard in a long while. Before people start to believe in bulls**t, some of the outrageous comments from Kaine need to be rebuffed.

Kaine said that we have gone from recession to recovery. Even though we went 3 quarters of positive GDP, no one has stepped up, not even the president, and say that we are out of the recession. How can we be in a recovery if our unemployment is 9.75? He goes on to say that 2 million people have jobs today because of the bold action of Obama and the Democrat Congress. Again, we were promised that the $787 billion stimulus package would keep unemployment under 8%, but that figure shot past 10% instead. In a recent National Association for Business Economics survey show that a majority of economist think it didn’t create jobs. Ironically, all I hear from the president and the clowns of the Democratic Congress say that it could have been worst. I call that a major cop-out.

Another crazy statement from the DNC chairman was that we have seen a major progress in the war on terror in the last eight months than was made in the preceding eight years. I guess someone should tell him about the Fort Hood incident and the underwear Christmas bomber. I guess we can add a plane crashing into an IRS building in Austin, Texas as a domestic terrorist attack too. Let’s be honest for a moment. This Administration has change the term for war on terror as an overseas contingency operation and terrorism as a man-made disaster. Doesn’t this tell you that Obama sees our national security as a joke? We had 31 terrorist plots against the US since 9/11. Several of these plots we got lucky and glad we had observant citizens stand up and made a difference. From the shoe bomber to the NYC Time Square bomb, we are never safe, but this President seems to take things in stride. Obama has weakened our posture around the world. He doesn’t know which side to support. His worldwide apology tour to Islam hasn’t improved relation. Even the British Parliament declared the special relationship between the USA and Britain is dead. Let’s not forget the thin line Obama cross when he pissed off Israel. I must also add that Obama is intending to ease Iran sanctions for Russia and China. If I didn’t know better, I believe Obama is actually bedding with the enemy.

Did you know that Kaine had the gall to say that the Democrats have the most transparent and ethical administration in modern history, and are shunning the influence of special interest groups out of the policy making process. I had to laugh. He even said it with a straight face. What was he smoking? Didn’t Obama hire a bunch of special interest groups in his Administration? If I can recall correctly, Obama hired some top lobbyist from a Service Employees International Union, which spent $60 million for the Democrats in the 2008 election, to serve as a White House political director. Let’s not forget the broken promise to televise via CSPAN the healthcare debate. Obama even promised to have any bill for public review before a vote can be initiated by Congress, which was an utter lie. Also, most of the wheeling and dealing to get the healthcare bill passed was behind closed doors among Democrats.

If this is the best that the DNC can do, I am looking forward in November. It is very apparent that the Democrats have made a mockery while in power. There is no avenue to blame Republicans. The Democrats own the mess they have created. So, for the Liberals who enjoy painting Republicans as evil, I would like ask this simple question. Has Democrats ever done “good” while they were in power? The simple answer to that is “NO!”