Monday, May 31, 2010

Hope and Change is a One Hit Wonder

Like an annoying tune you can't get out of your head, Barack Obama keeps using his ''rock star'' aura to campaign for Democrat candidates...and they keep on losing. So much for star power and presidential ''coat tails.''

First in Virginia and New Jersey, then Massachusetts and now Pennsylvania just this week, Barack Obama's endorsement has led to election flop after flop. Now you can ensure the Democrats' 2008 overnight sensation and his ''Hope & Change'' theme turn out to be a one-hit wonder. It seems like just yesterday that the leftist Democrats and their fawning mainstream media fans were raving about their can't miss idol, and his ''tingle down my leg'' charm.

But after wasting trillions of dollars of Americans' hard-earned incomes on a series of chart-busting flops like ''Stimulus'' and ''Obamacare'' with no sign of lowering unemployment or changing his Big-Government-Is-Better tune, Obama's popularity is dropping like a stone.

No matter how his damage-control team tries to sell ''anti-incumbency'' or blame poor performance on BUSH, Barack Obama has Democrat candidates running for the exits. Barack Obama and his Democrat allies don't realize that their big-spending, bloated government, liberty-crushing act is going nowhere fast with the American people, but the voters have had enough of their left-wing schtick and have let them know with four straight election defeats of Obama-endorsed candidates .

It is time to show Washington who really runs this country.