Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is Barack Obama a Womanizer Like Tiger Woods

While conspiracy theory is running rampant with the suggestion that North Korea was involved with the destruction of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, we have our very own president in a love affair that may plague him throughout his presidency.

I reported yesterday that there may be a love affair between Obama and a former campaign aide Vera Baker. After thinking about it, I recall Obama sneaking away out of the White House without the White House press corp. in tow last month. His disappearance was a violation of White House protocol which states that the president must always have the press corp. accompany him when he leaves the White House. The White House press corp. was told Obama quietly disappeared to see his daughter play soccer. But when the press corp. arrived at the soccer field, Obama was not to be found. The question is “Where did Obama go during that time?” It makes you sit and wonder. Would the comment from Michelle Obama during an interview with People Magazine claiming their marriage isn’t all that perfect have some deep meaning? Something tells me that there is more to the story than what is being told.

Things are beginning to unfold of the secret life of Barak Obama. We know he is a narcissist. Like Tiger Woods, both men have always been trying to improve their image to gain that sex appeal for acceptance and dominance. Obama is a handsome guy and I bet he can get any woman he wants. I bet many women wouldn’t mind having a piece of him too. Well, Obama says he enjoys to compares his presidency with Camelot and JFK. I don’t know if he meant it literally. A person with power usually gets what they want. A good example is Bill Clinton. In this case, I closely align Obama‘s life with Tiger Woods because you wouldn’t think they would have an adulterous affair. Instead, you would think these two men have wonderful marriages. But as Tiger Woods life starts to unravel, would the same curse plague Obama? Only time will tell.