Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama Losing the Jewish Support

Finally, the Jewish people living in this country are starting to see the real Barack Obama. From admitting he is a Muslim to showing disrespect to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, I think the Jewish American people are getting a broader understanding that this Obama Administration does not support Israel. Even my Jewish friends are having voter’s remorse. They use the term “duped”, “swindled”, and “lied to” when they describe Obama. I have read other terms being used like “raged”, “angered”, and one described Obama as a “sociopath.” I have also heard that Jewish fundraising for Democrats are drying up. Even though the Jewish vote is small, it is significant in any election.

In a recent poll, Jewish American support for Obama fell about half its level in the 2008 elections. It is obvious that they are disgusted how Obama is running this country. While a majority of Jewish Americans opposed any compromise on Jerusalem, the Obama Administration is not listening. In addition, the majority also feel that the goal of Arab states is not the return of certain lands; but rather, the destruction of Israel. And with the recent visit of the Prime Minister of Israel, it is apparent that Obama has provoked a diplomatic crisis with our only true ally in the Middle East.

As I have stated earlier, Jewish Americans are contributing to Republican candidates. The outrage is deafening as more Jewish contributors are showing more resentment to the Democrat party. I have even heard Democrat Congressmen being booed off from the stage during meetings at various liberal Reform synagogues throughout the country. Even a onetime Obama support and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch has been critical of this president. It seems prominent Jewish Americans are showing their disdain for Obama. And to say Obama is a full supporter for Israel is the same as “do you believe in Santa Claus?” Obama former foreign policy advisor Samantha Power and former campaign spokesman Zbigniew Brzezinski has already proposed multilateral military intervention to end the Israel occupation.

In another recent poll, non-Jewish Americans supporting for Israel is very high than those sympathetic to the Palestinians. If Obama doesn’t show more support to Israel his campaign bid for reelection will be all for naught. Not only will he will lose Jewish support, Obama will also lose many Evangelical Christian Americans who supports Israel and that will be a significant factor for concern. Why? It is because the Evangelical Christians comprise approximately 30 percent of the electorate. So, a rift away from Obama will be a bonus for the Republicans.

As I told many of my Jewish friends, I didn’t create these viscous rumors. I had to remind them that Obama’s first formal news interview as president was with Al-Arabiya. Obama passionate support in apologizing to the Muslim world for our arrogance was seen on television. We already know he was born as a Muslim by a Muslim father, raised as a Muslim by his stepfather, was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia, and has written about his sympathy for the traditional identity of Muslims in Indonesia.

I have always stated that we did not vote for a black president. We have voted for the first Muslim president. Even though Obama is inexperience to be president, and Joe Biden saying that the presidency is no place for on the job training, Obama’s world view has weaken America. Looking at all the conflicts around the world, Obama has not done anything to solve the problem. Obama says he wants to take troops from Iraq and put them in the “good war” in Afghanistan still puzzles me. Iran is very close in achieving nuclear military power and this president only talk about sanctions. We have North Korea supplying military weapons to Israel’s enemies. There is civil unrest between the neighboring states of Israel and Obama wants to make Israel as the escape goat by stating Israel didn’t do enough.

This is not a scare tactic that I tell to my Jewish friends. It is a wake-up call for their very existence. The annihilation or the genocide of a Jewish state is in the hands of a Muslim president. I am scared that another Holocaust may be committed by the hands of people who had not lifted one finger in preventing it from happening. Ignoring the signs of things to come is as dangerous as turning a blind eye on the situation.