Thursday, May 13, 2010

Obama Tells Republicans He is Not Going Anywhere

As Obama aimlessly campaigns around the country about his economic recovery effort, he enjoys blaming the Republicans of trying to block Democratic policies for political gain. Well, Mr. President, we know full well you are full of crap! You can go all over the country and try to fool the na├»ve, but there is a majority of Americans fully aware that excessive spending on programs will cause increase in taxes. The “pay-go” ideology does not exist. If the ideology did exist, then we would see a failed program extracted and a new program implemented in its place. So far, Obama is full of it.

Obama went to Buffalo, New York and spoke to factory workers and boldly claim that his policies avert a Great Depression. Such statement is so ingenuous because all of his policies will lead us there in the same model as Greece. It is quite ironic how this president tries to show hope. There is a billboard that the president saw saying, “Dear Mr. President, I need a freakin job. Period!” During a bloviated moment, Obama says we are heading in the right direction and says, “Despite all the naysayers who were predicting failure a year ago, our economy is growing again.” Let me backtrack for just a moment. Last year, we didn’t have 9.9% unemployment, a record deficit, an unsustainable national debt, and Obamacare. I have also notice during his campaign trip around the country Obama always say that the Republicans generated much of the country’s fiscal deficit that they now complain about. I just had to laugh because it is this president that created this fiscal deficit all on his own with the Democrat Majority in tow. Republicans never had a say or input in any policy Obama puts out. Every policy is done behind closed doors and under secrecy.

Honestly, you don’t need to go far to know that this president is a failure. More debt, higher taxes and the expansion of bigger government is Obama’s goal to economic recovery. Don’t listen to think tanks under the payroll of Obama. They have no idea what the hell they are talking about. When you hear 9.9% unemployment is good news, I hope you know they are lying. When you hear these economists say the $787 billion stimulus bill helped avert an even deeper recession, I hope you understand it may just prolong the inevitable. It is time to fight back and really let these idiots in Congress know we are angry and pissed-off. We have ousted several incumbents Democrats and Republicans in the 2010 primaries and there will be more to come. Conservatism lives and will be the mainstay from this point onward.