Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consumer Confidence Says Obama is Failing

Consumer Confidence dropped "BIG TIME!" It caused the DOW to nose-dive 200+ points below 10,000. I hope Obama and the Democrats finally get the picture that Americans are scared and pissed!

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Obama Accepts Foreign Assistance to Oil Spill But Won't Waive the Jones Act

Dont' let the government fool you. The Coast Guard and the Administration are quick to point out that some foreign technology is being used in the current cleanup effort like Canada’s offer of 3,000 meters of containment boom, Mexico’s offer of two skimmers and 4200 meters of boom, and Norway’s offer of 8 skimming systems.

Many wondered if Obama lifted the Jones Act to allow these vessel in our waters. Obama did not waive the Jones act because these advanced technology were transferred to US vessels. Some of the best clean up ships – owned by Belgian, Dutch and the Norwegian firms are NOT being used. Coast Guard Lt. Commander, Chris O’Neil, says that is because they do not meet “the operational requirements of the Unified Area Command.” One of those operational requirements is that vessels comply with the Jones Act.

Obama is very stubborn. If he lifted the Jones Act, it would show that Obama admits to his failure to act promptly. But when it comes to preserve his integrity, Obama is willing to let others suffer for his mistakes.

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Obama Stimulus Bill Killed the Economy

The latest report on the economy is horrid. The Obama stimulus bill did not do anything to jump-start this economy. It was a temporary band-aid fix that went bad. As the great Margaret Thatcher once said, "The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money?" I guess Obama overextended his effort leading to a big time FAIL!

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Just Seal the DAMN Borders

The reason why Democrats are not committed to seal the border is it will jeopardize support of comprehensive immigration. These games need to stop. Democrats won’t secure the borders unless it is combined with comprehensive immigration reform. This logic does not make any sense, but not surprised. Just seal the "damn" borders!

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Great News To Gun Owners

The Second Amendment provides Americans a fundamental right to bear arms that cannot be violated by state and local governments, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a long-sought victory for gun rights advocates.

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You Will NOT Be Allowed to Keep Your Existing Insurance Plan

Since the presidential campaign, Obama has repeated as many as hundreds of times that his health-care ”reform” would allow you to keep your existing insurance plan. It’s now apparent Obama was lying through his teeth.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Obama Wants Power To Shut Off The Internet

The tyranny is obviously exploited to preserve the dominance of the Obama Administration. If Obama ask the Congress for more power, the Congress delivers. Honestly, I feel that this president is amassing power beyond the duties of the presidency. In the latest news of our dictatorial leadership, Congress approved a broad range cyber-security bill that will allow Obama full access to shut down the internet during a cyber-attack.

By definition, the bill is vague and can be construed to misunderstandings. While supporters of the bill would say it would enhance our national security, it leaves many to doubt that this bill can be easily manipulated. Overall, the bill would allow Obama take emergency action to protect critical parts of the Internet during a cyber-attack. Since cyberspace is owned and operated mostly by the private sector, it is an obtrusive federal government hijacking another sector of our economy. With the nationalization of our healthcare, auto industry, oil industry, banking, and financing, this is another broad step toward socialism.

I will not accept that the government is fully capable to micromanage the internet if it becomes compromise. Their meaning to contain the situation is to do the extreme. For instance, if you had a broken arm, the government would cut the arm off. Therefore, the best example is the Gulf oil spill. The government doesn’t fix the problem (the leak); instead, they extort billion of dollar from BP.

While I don’t trust this government, I have a problem with the wordings of the bill. The bill states Obama has the “significant authority” over the critical infrastructure of the internet. The words “critical infrastructure” has not been defined and could lead to misinterpretation. This is something most dictators like to do and twist the meaning of the law for their political expedience.

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With Senator Byrd Serious Ill Obama Doesn't have the Votes to Pass Finance Reform

I wonder how far Obama would go to get rid of Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.Va) in order to pass his finance reform bill. Longest-serving senator and fourth in line for the presidency if Obama is unable to fulfill his term, Robert Byrd is seriously ill and in the hospital. He is 92-years old. This may jeopardize Obama’s plan to get the necessary vote to end debate and move to final passage in Congress. Since Byrd has to be present to vote on the bill, the only way for that to happen is to force Byrd into retirement and have the West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, a Democrat, appoint a successor to finish Byrd’s Senate term. I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. Underhandedness is how the game is played in the White House. It is typical among dictators.

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WSJ/NBC Poll Shows Voters Support a Republican Congress

A liberal biased poll could not hide the truth. The WSJ/NBC poll shows 45% of American voters now prefer a Republican controlled Congress. In November 2008, a naïve American public wanted a Democratic Majority in Congress. They got it, and ever since that mistake, the support of a Democrat Congress has dwindled. I guess a dose of reality gave many Americans a “wish I had a V8” wakeup call.

This mid-term election will be used as an instrument to send a message to President Obama that the American people are “pissed.” The polls showed that one in three voter, 32%, are displeased with this president and will be voting this November to tell Obama and the Democrats, “you guys screwed up!”

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Obama Swallows His Words When He Criticized Bush on Katrina

Victor Davis Hanson from National Reivew remembers Obama’s criticism of George W. Bush on Katrina seems to apply to the Gulf oil spill:

Obama railed that Bush showed “unconscionable ineptitude.” Obama further charged that Bush’s response was “achingly slow,” a result of “passive indifference,” and that his team was rife with “corruption and cronyism.” Those phrases now apply to Obama himself, as he seems lost amid his own disaster — eerily, in about the same Gulf environs. Adding insult to injury, a recent poll revealed that Louisiana
residents thought Bush had done a better job with Katrina than Obama has with BP.

Couldn’t one of Obama’s many handlers have warned him to ignore the media’s tingling-leg gaga worship, or their nonsense that Obama is “a god”? Didn’t Team Obama ever suspect that such an unhinged press, in the manner of a Greek chorus, could just as easily sour on their prophet once his poll ratings fell as quickly as they had soared?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Obama Wants to Sign an Executive Order to Grant Amnesty to Illegal Aliens

With sliding poll numbers, the only way Obama and the Democrats could win this November election is granting amnesty to the 12 million illegal aliens living in the United States. It has been reported that the Obama Administration and the Department of Homeland Security are discussing behind close door of the possibility granting legal status to these illegal aliens via an executive order.

Like Bush and his amnesty plan, if Obama decides enacts this dreadful abuse of power, there will be such an outrage that the impeachment movement would go on overdrive. Obama is adamantly a coward to find ways of legalizing these illegal aliens without having to go through any congressional debate. If this is the way they do it in Chicago, this gangster-like approach will not do in Washington.

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Obama Will Not Close Club Gitmo

President Obama is finding out really fast that keeping promises is very difficult. In all efforts to close Guantanamo, Obama concedes that fulfilling his promise to close before his term ends is doubtful.

Obama tried in January 2010 to shut it down and it failed. He tried to move the detainees to Illinois, but very little is being done. If all these Liberal organization pushed Obama so hard to shut it down, what happened? I guess the idea of closing a military prison that house terrorists and moving them on US soil is a really bad plan.

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Obama Disappear from Press Corp Again, Possible Infidelity and Impropriety

It seems when Obama gives the White House press corps the slip there is a reason. It is very unusual for the president to hide from his permanent media detail. It is understandable that the press may be a “pain,” but it is necessary to document everything the president does once he steps outside the White House.

The rumor of his infidelity has been documented. Many are wondering if the president had a special rendezvous with a special someone from Costa Rica or with an Al Gore-type bimbo masseuse. So far, Obama has not explained for his disappearance. The incident took place in the wee hours of the morning. We can rule out that the president didn’t go golfing or went to a soccer game. What do people do late at night? You can make your own conclusion and I bet it would be in consensus with everybody.

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In 2010, Conservatives Still Outnumber Moderates, Liberals

In this political season, it is worth to note that Conservatives are alive and well in America. In a recent Gallup poll, 42% of American view themselves as Conservatives, 35% of American view themselves as Moderates (confused bunch), and 20% view themselves as Liberals. I am hopeful that this trend will speak in volumes in the 2010 mid-term elections.

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As the Oil Spill Spreads, Obama Enjoys Many Rounds of Golf

It is an image debate whether or not to do any extracurricular activities during a crisis. Many would say it may be in bad taste or lack of sincerity. This is the dilemma for Obama. It is obvious that he loves to golf, but during times of crisis, Obama is showing a moment of insensitivity. It is the same thing as going out and enjoy yourself on the day of a love ones funeral. The Gulf oil spill has entered the 2nd month and nothing is being done. People are suffering, the environment is in utter ruin, the local economy is bankrupt, and the Gulf coast has entered a busy hurricane season. I really don’t mind if the president goes golfing, as long things are getting done.

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No Need To Answer Your Door to a Census Worker Because They Will Answer the Questionnaire For You

This is why I never answer my door to a census worker. Like ACORN, I knew they would “fudge” the questionnaires for us. It is a complete waste of time. There are other ways to collect the census without being intrusive.

Read Story: Two Census Bureau managers fired for creating at least 10,000 bogus questionnaires to meet deadlines

Biden Says We Cant Recover All the Jobs Lost by Obama Spending

Vice President Joe Biden has a knack of telling the truth with a twist. He admitted that “there is no possibility to restore 8 million jobs lost in the Great Recession.” But as a true coward, Biden blames the current Administration woes on Bush. It would be proper to say that it is unreasonable to blame on the past Administration if the current Administration promise they can fix it. Heck, Obama had 18 months to do something about it, but he created a vacuum of unprecedented spending. No jobs created, civil discourse, everybody being taxed, and the oil spill still gushing are just a few highlights of the Obama Administration.

Biden goes on to say that “there is no way to regenerate $3 trillion that was lost. Not replaced, lost.” Still talking about inheriting Bush mess, Biden forgot to say there is no way to regenerate the trillions that will be lost by Obama spending. It is also embarrassing that Biden can brag how the Obama Administration will either save or created the million jobs because of the stimulus bill. If we have a huge unemployment, Obama plan is just a band-aid. He had no intention to create jobs if he intends to preserve what he has.

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Tim Geithner Says US Can No Longer Drive Global Growth

Tax Cheat and US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said, “The world cannot depend as much on the US as it did in the past.” That statement alone is very disturbing. If we cannot lead the world as a superpower, who will? The tax cheat also stated that US was in a stronger position that many other economies to cut its debt level. Obviously, that statement is an error. He also stated, “We’re in the very good position of being able to deliver relatively strong growth rates compared to what we’re seeing in other major economies.” If that was true, then why the federal government lowered its 1st quarter growth estimates?

But the most credible fact that the US Treasury Secretary must keep in mind in regards to the Greece crisis, the government with very high levels of debt will find it extremely difficult to borrow money from other countries to service existing debts. It is important to say this because the US is following the same footsteps like Greece. Presently, China is talking the bulk of our debt. If the US loses its superpower status, we would be under total control by another country. Our freedom will be compromise by this devastation.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Democrats Band-aid For New Finance Rule

Obama and the Democrats finally reached an agreement on the legislation that would transform financial regulation. With the meltdown of the financial system in 2008, Obama and the “house of stooges” promise to reform the banking system. Ironically, the framers of this reform legislation were originally responsible to the financial mess, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

As typical Democrats would do, they prefer band-aids than fixing the root problem. The legislation to be debated does not solve two things. First, it does not touch the government controlled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which is a federally owned multibillion dollar losing proposition. Second, it does explicitly say who will pay for this. The bill states that part of it will be subsidized by charging huge fees to large banks and hedge funds. The government goal is to raise $19 billion over 5 years to fund this program, but as we all know, the banking system will pass the fees to their customers. In other words, the bill will be paid by us, the American people.

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Harry Reid's Son Throws His Dad Under the Bus

It is pretty sad when you are ashame of your own dad. That is what Harry Reid's son did. I can understand avoiding to be associated with Obama, but your own dad? That is pathetic.

Harry Reid's Son Omits Name from Campaign Ad

The Facts about the Bush Tax Cuts

I know the ignorant will chuckle, but I must adamantly state that the Bush Tax cuts have demonstrated it does work. While there are many who claim that it doesn’t work, the Heritage Foundation debunks the myth and settles the disputes with hard facts. Like it or not, we had a huge economic boom after 9/11 because of Bush’s tax cuts. Now, the Democrat Majority are willing to destroy this economy by allowing it to expire at the end of the year.

Ten Myths About the Bush Tax Cuts

General Petraeus to Modify the Doctrine of Courageous Restraint

The reason for General McChrystal departure as the head commander in the Afghanistan war is the frustration of the many restrictions Obama mandated. The Obama doctrine of courageous restraint has caused many US fatalities in Afghanistan. So far, June has been the deadliest single month for the US-led foreign forces in this war. This idiotic ideology by Obama has prevented our military to conduct battles during the night, near mosque, near residential area, and withhold a shot to the enemy when civilians are present. There is even an award medal given to those soldiers who demonstrated courageous restraint. Too bad most of them are dead.

Now, Obama picked General Petraeus to lead the fight. This time, the new general, who was the leading force to stabilize Iraq, will re-evaluate the “courageous restraint” doctrine and modify it. Wars are made to be won, wars are very messy, and wars never go as planned. But to restrict our military to perform to their full potential, it is a lose situation with many American causalities. With Petraeus leading the way, the troops are relieved that they will have a commander at their side and hopefully end the stupidity of courageous restraint.'

Read here: Gen David Petraeus to review "courageous restraint"

GOP Win in November Will Bring Investigation Charges to Obama

Pelosi: Send cash to stop investigations of Obama! Warns GOP takeover of Congress will 'bring back days of Ken Starr'

My simple answer is "Let the Games Being!"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Democrat Senators Afraid to Pass Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Democrats weren’t able to pass the extension of unemployment benefits through November. Many fear that adding to the deficit will end their political career. The vote was 57-41 to end debate. This vote failed for the third time to advance this legislation for a final Senate vote.

Ironically, Democrats criticized Republican for voting for the $1.3 trillion Bush Tax Cuts and escalated spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without offsetting with spending cuts. But as stupid Democrats keeps forgetting, the tax cuts produced jobs and consistent revenue income to the federal government that helped partly pay for the war. Also, Democrats forget that the war is partly funded by China.

If we kept extending the unemployment benefits, there will be more lazy Americans being unproductive. There has to be a threshold and a limit before it will adversely affect the economy. Obviously, it is counterproductive to keep adding to the national debt. If Obama didn’t expand the deficit to a monstrous amount that can’t be repaid, this wouldn’t be the issue. But as Obama keeps adding debt, Democrats are running scared. Obama has added the same amount to the national debt as Bush, but it took Bush eight years to accumulate it; while Obama did it in 18 short months.

The issue is not Republicans being the bad guys cutting benefits. The real issue is the unemployed needing jobs, and with 10% unemployment, the only way to create job is with tax cuts. We need to give money back to small business so they can expand their operation. This will produce desirable products that the public wants and attract new jobs to the market. Also, by giving money back to the taxpayers will entice them to spend, which grows our economy. I am a firm believer that the American people are in a better position to know what to do with their money than the government. It is time to stop putting band-aids and start finding solutions.

Read here: Senate Democrats Failed to Extend Unemployment Benefits for Third Time

Taliban Says General Petraeus is an Idiot and Weak

The Taliban calls the new leader in the Afghanistan war as a wimp. These idiot radical extremist extrapolated General Petraeus fainting at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing as the determining factor that the general is weak. Well, the Taliban is not fully educated to note General Petraeus wrote the counter terrorism handbook that brought Iraq from the brink of disaster. This is a general who knows military strategy and winning is the goal in Afghanistan.

Even though Obama has hamstrung the military by putting restriction how they combat in the field of battle, I am confident that General Petraeus will succeed where others failed.

Read here: Taliban Endorses General Petraeus, say new US Afghanistan War Chief Not Smarter than McChrystal

Obama Was Involved in the Blagojevich Scandal

Obama enjoys being in the spotlight, but not in a negative kind of way. Having the worst jobs approval rating this early in his term, Obama is laced with scandals, probable infidelity, and incompetence. The latest impropriety is being involved of “selling off” Obama’s old Senate seat when he won the presidency. The “pay to play” mentality is rooted deep in Chicago politics, which Obama has participated during his rise to power within the Illinois State Legislator.

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Al Gore Is a Freaking Horny Dog

If the Republicans are blamed having sex with their aides, Democrats are a bunch of lying cheating adulterers. We had Elliot Spitzer, the former Democrat governor of NY, cheated his wife with call girl. We had Bill Clinton, former Democrat President of the United States, cheated his wife with an intern. We had allegations of our current president having an intimate affair with a campaign worker. We had a Democrat senator from North Carolina cheated his wife, who has cancer, with some bimbo and had a kid with this mistress. In the latest of sex scandal, we have the former vice-president Al Gore getting freaky with a masseuse.

Click here: Al Gore A “Crazed Sex Poole?”

Majority of Americans Dont Like Obama

Read here: Confidence Waning in Obama, U.S. Outlook

The American people are losing confidence in Obama in epic proportions. While Obama sways the public by his rhetoric, the majority are opening their eyes to the fact that this president failed to contain the oil spill, which is into day 60-some. Also, more and more Americans are noticing that all the spending hasn’t improved the unemployment numbers and the economy.

Even though the majority of Black American supports this president, many Hispanics, small-town residents, women, independents, and senior citizen are more pessimistic and frustrated by Obama. Making matters worse, there are more Democrats disapproving Obama’s job performance because they felt duped siding with the president’s radical policies. Many of these Democrats are facing difficult re-elections this coming November.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obama Oil Spill Speech Hints Cap and Trade

We’ll Ease Suffering by Raising Your Energy Bills

It is a great summary about Obama’s oil spill speech from the Oval Office. This is the intention of every oil company. BP is the original writers of the “Cap and Trade.” Once Congress makes it into law, BP, Shell, and Conoco will benefit greatly. The oil companies have been on the side of this Administration from day one. Haven’t you notice how the boogeyman of the past like the oil companies and pharmaceutical companies kept quiet lately? Of course, to be under the good graces of the chosen one, you have to “pay to play.”

Obama Did Not Help States Affected by Oil Spill

From Obama’s address to the union at the Oval Office, he said:

Thousands of ships and other vessels are responding in the Gulf. And I've authorized the deployment of over 17,000 National Guard members along the coast. These servicemen and women are ready to help stop the oil from coming ashore, they're ready to help clean the beaches, train response workers, or even help with processing claims, and I urge the governors in the affected states to activate these troops as soon as possible.

Because of our efforts, millions of gallons of oil have already been removed from the water through burning, skimming and other collection methods. Over 5.5 million feet of boom has been laid across the water to block and absorb the approaching oil. We've approved the construction of new barrier islands in Louisiana to try to stop the oil before it reaches the shore, and we're working with Alabama, Mississippi and Florida to implement creative approaches to their unique coastlines.

If this was true, why did Louisiana and Florida took matter in their own hand? I think the American people are smart enough to know that the president is all talk and no action.

Click Here: Florida Panhandle Gave Up on Obama and Took Matter in Their Own Hands
Gov. Jindal Orders National Guard to Build Barrier Wall Off Louisianan Shore

Gov of Louisiana Took Charge Since Obama is Incompetent

Gov. Bobby Jindal Orders National Guard to Build Barrier Wall off Louisiana Shore

I thought Obama said on his address to the nation that he was protecting the coastline with the needed personnel and equipment to combat the oil spill. It seems the Governor of Louisiana took matters in his own hands

Al Gore Cheats Wife For Some Bimbo

Al Gore left his cancer-stricken wife for some bimbo! That is horrid and despicable. It is obvious there was infidelity involved with Al and Tipper Gore. If you are married for 40 years, there is one common reason to get a divorce and that is infidelity.

Finally, the cat is out of the bag. Al Gore is shacking up with the ex-wife of the creator of Seinfeld, Larry David. As stated in the column, the love affair between Al Gore and Laurie David has been going on for 2 years.

The climate change guru is a scumbag!

Click here: Al Gored Cheats on Wife

and here:
Is Gore Affair Keeping Him Quiet with BP Oil Spill

Commentary to Obama Speech Regarding the Gulf Oil Spill

Because there's never been a leak this size at this depth, stopping it has tested the limits of human technology. That's why, just after the rig sank, I assembled a team of our nation's best scientists and engineers to tackle this challenge, a team led by Dr. Steven Chu, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and our nation's secretary of energy. Scientists at our national labs and experts from academia and other oil companies have also provided ideas and advice.

(Lie: Blame the EPA who made us drill that deep in the first place. Also, on the first day of the drill, Obama dispatch all his lawyers to the region and a SWAT team. In addition, the Dutch offered help 3 days of the spill and Obama decline their help.)


As a result of these efforts, we've directed BP to mobilize additional equipment and technology. And in the coming weeks and days, these efforts should capture up to 90 percent of the oil leaking out of the well. This is until the company finishes drilling a relief well later in the summer that's expected to stop the leak completely.

(It is pretty late at this point. The estimate of containment is vague because no one addressed the oil underneath the water. Obama was referring to the oil floating on top the water. Just a note, Obama stated he directed BP to clean up the oil spill. This mean the federal government was responsible to direct the clean up, which is already 60 days old.)


But make no mistake: We will fight this spill with everything we've got for as long it takes. We will make BP pay for the damage their company has caused. And we will do whatever's necessary to help the Gulf Coast and its people recover from this tragedy.

(Just a note, Obama will mention this couple more times that BP will pay for all damages done by the oil spill. In other words, BP will take the dividends they pay to their investors to pay for the spill)


Thousands of ships and other vessels are responding in the Gulf. And I've authorized the deployment of over 17,000 National Guard members along the coast. These servicemen and women are ready to help stop the oil from coming ashore, they're ready to help clean the beaches, train response workers, or even help with processing claims, and I urge the governors in the affected states to activate these troops as soon as possible.

(Then why Governor Jindal of Louisiana complained to Obama that he would not respond to the governor’s request? Please note that it is day 60 at the oil spill. The effort to deal with the mess is past due.)


Because of our efforts, millions of gallons of oil have already been removed from the water through burning, skimming and other collection methods. Over 5.5 million feet of boom has been laid across the water to block and absorb the approaching oil. We've approved the construction of new barrier islands in Louisiana to try to stop the oil before it reaches the shore, and we're working with Alabama, Mississippi and Florida to implement creative approaches to their unique coastlines.

(As stated earlier, Obama ignored Governor Jinal request to utilize the technology to stop the spread of the oil spill)


I've talked to owners of shops and hotels who wonder when the tourists might start coming back. The sadness and the anger they feel is not just about the money they've lost; it's about a wrenching anxiety that their way of life may be lost. I refuse to let that happen. Tomorrow, I will meet with the chairman of BP and inform him that he is to set aside whatever resources are required to compensate the workers and business owners who have been harmed as a result of his company's recklessness.

(Again, he brings up that BP will pay for all damages for the oil spill. In turn, we need to watch BP asking for a bailout or something else- "cap and trade")


And this fund will not be controlled by BP. In order to ensure that all legitimate claims are paid out in a fair and timely manner, the account must and will be administered by an independent third party.

(This independent third party will have some connection with the Obama Administration. There will be behind the scene paybacks and favors. It is a typical 'pay to play' mentality of a Chicago thug)


That obviously was not the case in the Deepwater Horizon rig, and I want to know why. The American people deserve to know why. The families I met with last week who lost their loved ones in the explosion, these families deserve to know why. And so I've established a national commission to understand the causes of this disaster and offer recommendations on what additional safety and environmental standards we need to put in place. Already I've issued a six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling.

(Hopefully, we will find out why the SWAT team was dispatch to the region first and also find out if North Korea actually did bomb the rig.)


After all, oil is a finite resource. We consume more than 20 percent of the world's oil, but have less than 2 percent of the world's oil reserves. And that's part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean: because we're running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water.

(Well, if we use the technology to gather the oil from shale within the US, open ANWAR, and drill within federal properties, we won’t need to be dependent on foreign oil)


Each of us has a part to play in a new future that will benefit all of us. As we recover from this recession, the transition to clean energy has the potential to grow our economy and create millions of jobs, but only if we accelerate that transition, only if we seize the moment, and only if we rally together and act as one nation: workers and entrepreneurs, scientists and citizens, the public and private sectors.

(The President has been in power for 18 months and he has not created the jobs he promised. We are nearing 10% on unemployment and there are no indications that it will ever improve. Obama wants to accelerate the progress by spending into oblivion. He believes it will help his agenda to make this as a huge nanny state.)


Now, there are costs associated with this transition, and there are some who believe that we can't afford those costs right now. I say we can't afford not to change how we produce and use energy, because the long-term costs to our economy, our national security and our environment are far greater.

(Is that why he destroyed NASA and dismantling our nuclear capabilities? Let us not forget that Obama has not dealt with the mess with Social Security and Medicare. Both entitlement programs are already bankrupt. Obama is actually saying, “Just screw it. We will spend till we get out of this mess.”)


All of these approaches have merit and deserve a fair hearing in the months ahead. But the one approach I will not accept is inaction. The one answer I will not settle for is the idea that this challenge is somehow too big and too difficult to meet.

(I wonder why the president didn’t use this passion with the oil spill. His inaction is costing the American people time and money.)

Filipinos Choose Benigno Aquino as their 15th President of the Philippines

In last week election, President-elect Benigno Aquino III, the son of the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Aquino, will be the Philippines 15th president. The final tally showed Aquino defeating eight other candidates with more than 15 million votes, which includes the ousted former President Joseph Estrada.

Besides having a famous last name, Aquino has shown leadership as a quiet and humble public servant. As a politician, he served nine years as a congressman and three years as a senator. As a champion for anti-poverty and anti-corruption, Aquino is adamant to change the Philippine government to a government that serves the Filipino people and not the other way around. With the history of the Philippines, the Filipino people were always slaves to the government. In fact, the Philippine government has turned out to be an elitist club for the affluent and the corrupt. It is time for the people take back their government.

Aquino promised major changes when he takes reign on June 30, 2010. The Philippines had been plague with poverty, terrorism, military unrest, corruption, political correctness, domestic violence, Muslim insurgencies, and Communist ideology. In typical Filipino character, Aquino is very confident that he will have the nine years as president to solve each problem. But the most important agenda that this president-elect will do is to form a commission to investigate allegations of corruption and misconduct during Arroyo’s Administration. The current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the daughter of a famous president of the Philippines, has been beset by accusations of election fraud, corruption, and human rights violation.

As determined to meet his goal, it is a tall order for the newly elected president. Also, it is a very ambitious move for this 50-year old to carry out. The Filipino people had heard the rhetoric before. There hasn’t been a good president for the Philippines in a long while. In the best interest for the Filipino people, the Philippines need to step up and compete with other Asian countries. It was not too long ago when the Philippines dominated the Pacific basin. Hopefully, Aquino will be the United States version of Ronald Wilson Reagan, but only time will tell.

Monday, June 14, 2010

White House Prevents Employers From Dropping Health Insurance

Employers are feeling the pinch with Universal Healthcare. As health cost is rising disproportionately against inflation, many employers will have to make hard choices. The White House changed the rules preventing employers from dropping health insurance benefits and burdening some of the healthcare cost to the employee.

In order to keep his promise, Obama is adamant to keep his central promise, “If you like your doctor and your plan, you keep it.” This ideology may be nice, but there is a report that employers’ healthcare costs will jump 9 percent next year. Whether it is a big company or small company, an increase to healthcare cost will affect the bottom-line and that is profits. The only solution the employer can do is to cut employees or stop hiring. Either way will have a negative impact to the economy.

Obama Compares The Gulf Oil Spill to 9/11

Without a Teleprompter, Obama put foot in mouth with an outrageous statement.

Obama Likens Gulf Disaster to 9/11

Democrat Congressman Went Nuts When Asked If He Supported Obamas Agenda

We have an Administration who acts like a bunch of thugs. With Rahm Emmanuel using the “F” word like a period after an end of a sentence to Obama wanting to kick someone ass, we are witnessing the erosion of Washington. In fact, Obama has use and supported never back down and give the fight right to the opponents face. Sadly, this Chicago mentality has now radiated down the channels to the members of Congress.

In Washington, D.C., Democrat North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge was asked by 2 students if he supported the Obama agenda. In a fit of rage, this congressman went nuts. Accosting the students, the congressman slapped the camera away, grabbed the hand of the student, and putting his hand around the student’s neck. No one knew, especially the congressman, why he snapped.

The arrogance of this congressman is ridiculous. In his apology statement, he said, “No matter how intrusive and partisan our politics can become, this does not prove a poor response." Congressman Etheridge says the student’s question was intrusive and partisan. It was a simple valid question asking if he supported Obama’s agenda. If a simple question hit a core with the congressman, I wonder how he would act if it was a really tough question?

Personally, there must be criminal charges for assault and misdemeanor against Congressman Etheridge. Finally, the demise of the Democrat party is very clear. They are a bunch of paranoid tools that are afraid what will happen to them in the 2010 election. The action of Congressman Etheridge does not symbolize the traditional public servant. They serve the American people. They are not supposed to act like it is an elite club. Etheridge must go.

Click on this YouTube Link to See: Democrat Congressman Etheridge Losing It

Obama and Dems Worried about Alvin Greene and his Democratic Senatorial Primary Win

At the White House, heads are spinning to understand how an unknown, who hasn’t really campaigned, become victor in the Democratic Senatorial primary.

President Obama and many of his advisors say that Alvin Greene, who is the Democratic nominee to challenge GOP Senator Jim DeMint in the general election, doesn’t appear to be a legitimate candidate. Democrats are worried because Greene is not a strong credible candidate, who also is facing felony charges.

I still don’t understand why Obama is so concerned. Isn’t this calling the kettle black? I’m talking about being a legitimate candidate.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank You President Obama for Killing the NASA Program

Timeline of Space Exploration

Oct 4, 1958: A year after the Soviet Union launches Sputnik, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is born .

Feb 20, 1962: John Glenn becomes the first American, but the second person, to orbit Earth. The Russian Yuri Gagarin had made the first space flight a year earlier.

May 25, 1961: President Kennedy announces that the United States goal is to reach the Moon by the end of the decade

January 27, 1967: First death of the US Space program occurred when three US astronauts die in a fire during a simulated take-off.

July 20, 1969: Ahead of JFK dream, Neil Armstrong takes man’s first step on the Moon. The US is still the only nation to have put a man on the Moon.

April 13, 1970: An oxygen tank explodes aboard Apollo 13. The 3 astronauts manage to board the self-contained Lunar Module and land safely in the Pacific. Hollywood made a movie of event.

April 12, 1981: The US launches Columbia. It is the first space spacecraft to land on a runway instead of in the sea

Jan 28, 1986: The Challenger space shuttle explodes minutes after take-off, killing all its crew

April 24, 1990: The Hubble Space Telescope comes online after being carried into space by a US shuttle

Feb 1, 2003: The Columbia breaks up during its return into the earth's atmosphere, killing the entire crew

Feb 1, 2010 President Obama announces plans to cancel additional funding of the program to return US astronauts to the Moon by 2020 and ending the Constellation program. It is the end of NASA

Obama has done everything to embarrass this nation and weakened us in national security. We will be so far behind from other nations that it will take years for us to catch up.

Obama Will Address the Nation about the Oil Spill Chaos

President Obama will be on the air in the coming weeks to discuss the current situation about the Gulf oil spill. The White House adviser David Axelrod stated that Obama will address the nation after the president returns from his visit from the Gulf. Based on the interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Axelrod said that Obama will lay out his plans to control the situation.

This is called damage control and the American people will not hear any of it. Originally, the president stated that he will lead and direct BP to end the oil spill chaos. So far, the president is unable to control the situation. The only thing the president has done is to send the SWAT team to the vicinity and dispatch a bunch of lawyers to the region. Such a move is not proper in a crisis. The correct move is to have a team of experts “close the damn hole,” and clean the oil spill. It is hard to imagine that it will be two months since the oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. Even more embarrassing is that not until now the president just decided to meet with the CEO of BP. Although the meeting is necessary, it is way too late into this crisis.

As the oil spill into fragile marsh land and rivers, it will be affecting the fishing and shrimp industry. With so many ideas to curtail the spillage, BP and the Federal Government haven’t found a consistent solution. As of late, BP is shooting golf ball into the exposed well. Besides the futile effort, the Federal Government hasn’t met the needs of the coast states in the Gulf. Every governor of each affected state are pleading with the federal government to let them do the necessary task to stop the oil from entering their beaches, wetland, and marshland, but such request have been ignored by Obama.

At this point, I am curious what Obama has to say. Many are anticipating he will talk about things we already know. Obama will say BP will be responsible in paying for the clean-up and help those affected by the oil spill. Next, he will excoriate the BP CEO. Finally, Obama will say that the American people will bailout BP because it is too big of a company that cannot fail.

The 3-year Spending Freeze by Obama is a LIE

On June 10, 2010, Obama went on record that he wanted a 3-year spending freeze. That same day, Democrats endorse the president’s pledge and agreed to a 3-year freeze on all non-defense-related discretionary spending.

On June 13, 2010, Obama is pushing for a $50 billion in new spending to help state healthcare funds and help prevent teacher layoffs.

What happen to a 3-year spending freeze? Democrats are so easily swayed to spend others people money without batting an eyelash, but when it comes to their own money, they are cheapskates. For example, Bill Clinton, who is a multimillionaire, looks the other way as his niece is collecting food stamps. Vice-President Joe Biden is real cheap when it comes to charity. Also, the president didn’t seem to care to help his aunt in Boston who is living in a homeless shelter or his brother who still lives in a shack in Kenya.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Taliban Kills 7-Year Old Boy for Spying

The Taliban intently killed a 7-year old boy. The allege crime of the boy is spying for the US and NATO forces. The punishment is by hanging till dead. Radical Muslims killed this boy. Does the Quran support this type of savagery? How intellectual or in what mental capacity could a 7-year old convey? Do you think a 7-year old can pin-point on a map the site of the enemy? Do think a 7-year old can remember how many bad guys have guns and what type of weapons they have in their possession? If Islam is a religion of peace, why do they support such a hideous act on humanity?

There are reports that the little boy is the grandson of a tribal elder of a village, who said some nice things about the Afghan government. So, instead of going after the tribal elder, the Taliban went after the boy.

The brutality to kill children should be condemned. If these radical Muslims want to end a life, it should be their own.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Van Der Sloot Knows Location of Natalee Holloway

Joran Van der Sloot was charged yesterday on first-degree murder in connection with the May 30, 2010, death of a 21-year old Stephay Flores, who was found beaten to death in his Lima hotel room. Van der Sloot killed her because she was using his computer without permission.

During interrogation, Van der Sloot confessed to killing Flores because she was caught using his computer. Also, the Dutch murderer had let slip that he knew the whereabouts of Natalee Holloway.

For those who forgot that case, Van der Sloot had been a long time prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance of Holloway, who went missing after a night of drinking with him in Aruba. He was arrested twice in connection with her disappearance and spent three months in jail, but was never charged.

Hopefully, Van der Sloot will reveal Holloway’s body and bring final closure to this case. Justice is served!

Obama Was On Top of Oil Rig Explosion Within 3 Days

Obama actually did something 3 days after the explosion of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico. I thought he didn't do anything, but I was wrong.

Three days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, the Dutch government offered to help.

It was willing to provide ships outfitted with oil-skimming booms, and it proposed a plan for building sand barriers to protect sensitive marshlands.

The response from the Obama administration and BP, which are coordinating the cleanup: “The embassy got a nice letter from the administration that said, ‘Thanks, but no thanks,'” said Geert Visser, consul general for the Netherlands in Houston.

Read here: Obama Refuses Help 3 days after Oil Rig Exploded

Why Denigrate Abby Sunderland and her Family

The 16-year old American female sailor is found alive and well in the southern Indian Ocean yesterday. Abby Sunderland, who is trying to be the first youngest person to sail around the world, experienced a rogue wave that damaged her mast and ruined satellite phone communication. The girl didn’t panic and was ready for this type of situation in the high seas. Besides, Abby has sailed for many years and is certified to sail. Likewise, her brother, Zach, is also a certified veteran who also solo around the world at the age of 17. So, sailing is nothing new to the Sunderland family.

While I am impressed by her accomplishments, the liberals are denigrating her and her family. I read comments criticizing the parents for letting her go alone to feminist comments that no 16-year old girl can handle a boat in the high seas. These ignorant comments are stemming from envy, jealousy, and stupidity. Abby Sunderland should be commended for her feat. In fact, she should be a role model for all teenagers and every parent. With the collapse of society, the typical ideology is to have these teenagers party, get drunk, have sex, and do drugs. Abby is from a white family in California. The parents are married and expecting their third child. This is a traditional nuclear family, which is not normally accepted by liberals.

The condemnation of this family is absolutely ludicrous. This close-knit family has traditional values of faith, trust, and personal responsibility. Mr. and Mrs. Sunderland have faith in their children, the trust their kids will be okay, and understands that their children will take necessary measures before making a commitment. The decision to allow their two young children to venture off into the unknown is a risk; but such risk is very rewarding. This is life’s lesson.

This is no different allowing a child to take the car out on a Saturday night. This is no different allowing a child to go off with friends to a party. This is no different allowing a child to have a party unsupervised. This is no different to let a child go to the mall by themselves. This is no different allowing a child play a high school sport. Therefore, allowing a child set sail is no different either. Liberals need to remove the jealousy and envy that a strong young woman is able to take a risk without giving excuses. There is no such whining or pandering. There are no frivolous lawsuits or excuses because the goal was not met. Liberals are annoyed that a young teenage female can take on personal responsibility and surpass what many kids don’t normally do. In other words, this girl can’t be swayed to a mental disorder we call Liberalism.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Americans are Tired of the Obama Blame Game

Conservatives and Liberals are tired with Obama’s rhetoric. Obama has portrayed himself as a talker and not a doer. In addition, your president is a finger-pointing weak leader. The American people don’t want someone to blame everybody when things go wrong, but rather, they want to have someone who can be decisive and lead.

Obama had stated he is sick and tired of the Washington blame game, but he indulges himself in that practice. It has been an unattractive trait to blame his dismal approval rating on the Republicans, Fox News, George Bush, and the Heavenly Father. Honestly, Obama has been president for over a year and a half and he still blames George Bush. In most political circles, it shows a signs of weakness and a lack of leadership.

Besides lacking of leadership, this president needs experts to tell him whose “ass to kick.” It is a fore-gone conclusion to say that this president is clueless. His inexperience has dramatically been self-evident. Right now, Obama is trying to keep what dignity he has remaining. This self-preservation is a detriment as a leader because Obama is being selfish putting himself ahead of the America people.

It is pure hypocrisy of this president to tell a bunch of high school students in Kalamazoo, Michigan to take personal responsibility for their successes and failures. Many wish the president took his own advice. With the oil spill, the economy, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, immigration, bailout the private sector, stimulus bill, Guantanamo, unemployment, and Israel, Obama threw up his hands in the air and went on vacation.

Many are waiting for Obama to transform into a very angry black president. Being child-like in his actions, he will say anything to get what he wants. His tantrums have been well documented. Obama lack of competency under fire has made many Americans aware. The public is starting to be less tolerant as Obama is hiding his inadequacies as a rock star and messiah. The American people deserve better. Everybody expects more from their leaders.

Brace Yourself For Another Housing Crash

If many look at the housing market as a useful indicator of the health of the economy, we should prepare for another collapse. The Federal Government bribed the American people last year to buy homes and in return receive a tax credit. That tax credit just expired April 30, 2010.

Even though the housing market looked good during 2009 till now, the real estate industry is bracing for the worst. With 2007 and 2009 brutal wave of adjustable rate mortgage, many are anticipating another wave of ARM to reset in 2011 and 2012. Since the tax credit expired at the end of April 2010, the number of home sales closings dropped in May more than 5 percent compared to April. Also, there are reports of a 10 percent drop in home sale closing in May compared to April.

Since we are still in a recession, many homeowners had missed at least one payment on their mortgage this year. During the first quarter of 2010, U.S. banks owned 260,000 foreclosed homes. That is a huge 35 percent increase from the first quarter of 2009. With a quarter of a million homes foreclosed in 2010, there are more people who are unable to pay their mortgage because they are strapped for cash. The American people are experiencing the worst recession because for the first time in American history, more than 40 million Americans are on food stamps.

No matter how the Main Stream Media is trying to portray that the economy is stabilizing, don’t be fooled by propaganda. The overall economy is in bad shape and is getting worse. We still have very high unemployment figures. We are seeing an expansion of the Federal Government and federal jobs. We will never pay back out debt. Our current debt will exceed 100 percent of our GNP. That means we are spending money that we don’t have. If there are people denying we are in a recovery, they are fooling themselves.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas Got the Boot

A lifelong White House Correspondent Journalist just retired. Helen Thomas was a political journalist since Dwight Eisenhower and was the first journalist to break many barriers for other female journalists. Her retirement or forced termination was a result of a stupid comment she made last month as a correspondent. As a staunch liberal, she was a whipping boy for many conservatives who served in the White House. For the conservatives in Washington, they are glad to see he go.

Helen Thomas controversial comment about the need for Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine” and return to Poland and Germany was crass and ignorant. Because the pressure made by the American people, and also, an election year, the powers within Washington forced the 90 year old to quit.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Republicans Spanking Democrats in Latest Generic Poll

Polls do not give false results, even a liberal biased one. In the latest survey, The Gallup poll reports in a surge of voters siding with the Republicans in a generic poll. In a 49 percent to 43 percent for the Republicans is the best and indicative lead over the Democrats.

While Liberals in Washington blaming Republicans for not being bipartisan, Republicans are telling Liberals to continue their path of destruction. Republicans have allowed Liberal Democrats tighten their noose tighter. This exploitation has opened the eyes many Americans who hoped that Obama can take them out of bondage. Instead, Obama has sent us into a concentration camp waiting for our extermination.

By looking at headlines from various papers, many are questioning the judgment coming from Washington. We have problems and our Democrat leaders who control Washington are not doing anything about it. As crisis here and abroad implode, we are seeing the Democrat leaders of Congress and our president sitting idle as the events become severely dire.

Gallop poll indicated that the respondents are angered by the inaction of Obama and the Democrat Congress. Mostly, respondents are angered that nothing has been done to end the oil spill in the Gulf. They have seen Obama’s frivolous lawsuits against BP as the solution for the oil spill to be asinine. Also, they are not satisfied with the performance of the stock market and they are blaming the president for it. Besides the stock market, many are still concerned about the health of the economy and the wasteful spending by Washington.