Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Denigrate Abby Sunderland and her Family

The 16-year old American female sailor is found alive and well in the southern Indian Ocean yesterday. Abby Sunderland, who is trying to be the first youngest person to sail around the world, experienced a rogue wave that damaged her mast and ruined satellite phone communication. The girl didn’t panic and was ready for this type of situation in the high seas. Besides, Abby has sailed for many years and is certified to sail. Likewise, her brother, Zach, is also a certified veteran who also solo around the world at the age of 17. So, sailing is nothing new to the Sunderland family.

While I am impressed by her accomplishments, the liberals are denigrating her and her family. I read comments criticizing the parents for letting her go alone to feminist comments that no 16-year old girl can handle a boat in the high seas. These ignorant comments are stemming from envy, jealousy, and stupidity. Abby Sunderland should be commended for her feat. In fact, she should be a role model for all teenagers and every parent. With the collapse of society, the typical ideology is to have these teenagers party, get drunk, have sex, and do drugs. Abby is from a white family in California. The parents are married and expecting their third child. This is a traditional nuclear family, which is not normally accepted by liberals.

The condemnation of this family is absolutely ludicrous. This close-knit family has traditional values of faith, trust, and personal responsibility. Mr. and Mrs. Sunderland have faith in their children, the trust their kids will be okay, and understands that their children will take necessary measures before making a commitment. The decision to allow their two young children to venture off into the unknown is a risk; but such risk is very rewarding. This is life’s lesson.

This is no different allowing a child to take the car out on a Saturday night. This is no different allowing a child to go off with friends to a party. This is no different allowing a child to have a party unsupervised. This is no different to let a child go to the mall by themselves. This is no different allowing a child play a high school sport. Therefore, allowing a child set sail is no different either. Liberals need to remove the jealousy and envy that a strong young woman is able to take a risk without giving excuses. There is no such whining or pandering. There are no frivolous lawsuits or excuses because the goal was not met. Liberals are annoyed that a young teenage female can take on personal responsibility and surpass what many kids don’t normally do. In other words, this girl can’t be swayed to a mental disorder we call Liberalism.