Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In a Span of 5 Months Obama Commits 4 Huge Mistakes

From the WeeklyStandard.com website, columnist Fred Barnes brilliantly opined Obama’s four disasters that may haunt the president further down the road. The recover summer the president and vice-president boasted in June 2010 was a huge flop. It is now August and unemployment is still 9.5%. In another mind-numbing disaster, Obama is still steadfast in his opposition with the Arizona immigration law. With 70% of the American people supporting the law, Obama went ahead and filed a law suit against the State of Arizona. Also, as the president promised to change the way Washington does business, Obama remains status quo with the negativity and blame game as the election season comes near. It seems Obama is very sensitive when others criticize him. His Chicago-style politics has taken on a whole new meaning in Washington D.C. Lastly, the most outrageous statement that will bite the president in the ass would be his comment supporting the Ground Zero mosque. Not only did Obama turn his back to the meaning of Ground Zero, he has alienated a good portion of the country who believed we are in a war against terrorism and not some police action scenario.

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