Thursday, September 16, 2010

Obama Rather Watch ESPN than Lead the Country

A former advisor from the Obama election campaign and transition team gave a very sincere insight of a man who didn’t want to be president. President Obama can be described as a thin-skinned spoiled brat who is only good for giving speeches.

This former advisor went on to say that Obama would rather watch ESPN than lead this country. It has become apparent that the community organizer doesn’t show any interest to be president. Obama is only interested in talking about sports and playing golf. Outside from that, he is not interested talking about Congress, policies, war in Afghanistan and Iraq, current events here and abroad, and national security. The former advisor went on to say that Obama is all about prepared speeches. In reality, he is a normal run-of-the-mill person who has a nervous stutter and unable to create a concise sentence. Just look how he performs away from a Teleprompter. Obama goes off in tangents, gives long pauses, and lots of “ummms.”

Besides not being the superman many wanted him to be, Obama is an ordinary man with problems like any other guy. Being president of a country, it does take a major toll in a person’s personal life and marriage. Without going into details, the former advisor went to say that Barack and Michelle are having issues. In addition, there is bickering among cabinet members, Chief of Staff, and advisors. In other words, the White House is in disarray.

Even though the former advisor said that Obama shouldn’t have a problem winning in 2012, he went to say that four more years of a Obama presidency will be a disaster. Obama has been described as lazy, unfocused, and unmotivated. The former advisor went on to say that Obama wasn’t ready to be president. The media gave the presidency to him. It is very revealing that someone from inside the Obama circle was brave enough to spill his guts out. It clarifies all along that Obama was a mistake.

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