Monday, September 6, 2010

Obama Wants to Spend $50 billion to Create 400 jobs

Barak Obama was at a pep rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, touting an energized crowd that the road to recovery is slow, but on the right track. Even on campaign mode, Obama still enjoy using clich├ęs to bring about his message. After listening to the speech, there is a distinct pattern. It is a very effective way to prolong the speech and bore the crowd. Obama speaks the obvious problem in America, questions why we are in this mess, blames the cause of the problem, patronize the resilience of the American people, and gives a very weak solution. It is that solution most Americans care the most and that solution is to spend more money.

Obama opines infrastructure, infrastructure, and infrastructure. He wants to see more roads, railway, and runways to be built. He wants more green energy to be built-in America and made by Americans. The only problem is that he wants to spend $50 billion on this project on something that may generate 400 jobs. We have spent close to a trillion dollars in the stimulus bill and that produced a 10% unemployment rate. We all know spending will not create jobs, but that is the Obama doctrine. The green energy and “Cap and Trade” is a scam. We have the first electric car and no one is buying it. The European Union has Wind Energy that is hijacked by the Mafia as a dummy corporation to fund their illicit programs. We are sitting on a huge oil, natural gas, and coal in this country and we are unable to use it because the EPA. We are decades off to use clean energy effectively. Why can’t we use what we have now while we develop “green energy?” It is crazy that such idiotic nonsense goes unnoticed.

Honestly, Obama isn’t the one running the show. He is a puppet under George Soros who is forcing the president to do the outrageous. No idiot would do so much to destroy the health of this country unless influence by a third-party. Socialism is an only an ideology, but destroying the infrastructure that made this country great is another thing. Obama doesn’t know what he is doing. He calls FoxNews an illegitimate news organization and the Tea Party racist. Obama is force by George Soros to say these things because Soros is threatened by the American people. Sure, he can make billions of dollars trading against the dollar in the Foreign Exchange market. Of course, he can make billions of dollars by hedging against capitalism. However, there is one thing Soros can’t overcome and that is the Americans resolve. Americans will not allow this country be destroyed by idiots and will fight every step of the way to remove these jokers in Washington. The election is in less than eight weeks and it can’t come soon enough.