Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Boston College Law student asks for money back

This is why students, who have no idea what is happening outside of the academia, should not vote until they are in the working world. It seems a third-year Boston College Law School student is accepting reality. With high unemployment, the law student is facing an enormous student loan debt and dismal job prospects. The message is resonating among other students as they offered the message: Keep the degree ... and give me back my tuition!

While students in high school and college frolic behind the wall of higher learning, this nation has been experiencing 14 months of high unemployment above 9%. If the idea of living in the moment means more to them, it will eventually catch up when they step foot in the real working world.

I offered this advice pro bono, "Vote wisely not because you want lower college cost, but you want a job after college. Get the Democrats out of office!"

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