Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Only Way Democrats Can Win the 2010 Mid-Term Election is by CHEATING

The 2010 Mid-Term Election is just 6 days away and it seems the only way Democrats can win is by cheating. In recent memory, many of the shenanigans during the election are attributed by Democrats and this year is no different. Democrats will use any means to disenfranchise the American voters. From the stupid hanging chad fiasco in 2000, we have seen Democrats miraculous produce missing ballot boxes, rigging voting machine to vote Democrat, allowing Democrats to vote in more than one district, Democrat supporters shunning Republicans from voting (Black Panther), and refusing to allow Absentee Ballots to be counted.

Just today, there are numerous reports of voter fraud around the United States. All of them favoring unpopular Democrats. If by next Tuesday show that every poll favoring Republicans a landslide victory as false, the Washington establishment and Liberal elite should expect a major revolution like never seen in this country.