Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Scientist Found Liberal Gene that Causes Liberalism

It is beyond stupidity that tax dollars are funding wasteful research to locate the Liberal gene that causes Liberalsim. Conservative Talk show host Michael Savage coined the expression "Liberalism is a mental disorder," but I wouldn't have thought scientist would taken it literally. Honestly, Liberalism has been taught to us as little children by our parents. We all went through this. Our parents discipline us via regulations (rules), taught us to share (socialism), enforce that greed is wrong (capitalism), and indoctrinated that mommy and daddy will always take care of us (government entitlement programs). Only as adults, the rational and logical individual would break out of that ideology. Rarely, there are a few children who are bless with the conservative view. It should be those kids scientist should be researching why they reject Liberalism.

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