Friday, October 29, 2010

Sorry Mr President, No Bombs on US Planes

Historically, there is usually an event that "makes" or "breaks" an upcoming election. It puts any incumbent in office to appear as a "hero" or "loser". In the latest news, authorities abroad thwarted several terrorist attacks aimed at the USA from Yemen. Terrorist were plotting to mail packages with explosive devices to a Chicago synagogue. One of the package from Dubai was the same chemical used during the "underwear-bomber" plot during Christmas of last year. The other package discovered in England was an ink-jet printer cartridge with wires and white powder.

Since Obama believes never allow a crisis to go to waste, the president alerted federal authorities to inspect all U.S. cargo planes up and down the Eastern Seaboard. In fact, the government forced an Emirates Airlines passenger jet to be escorted down the coast to New York by American fighter jets. This desperate act is almost like racial profiling.

But alas, no explosives were found aboard any of those planes.

In a last ditch effort to make Democrats look good four days before the mid-term election, Obama's sobering assessment, delivered from the White House podium, which discussion of terrorism has played no role. Because Obama couldn't find any bombs, all efforts turned out to be a dud.

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