Friday, November 5, 2010

Gridlock in Washington DC Means Less Spending

Obama said, "We can't spend the next two years mired in gridlock. Other countries like China aren't standing still so we can't stand still either. We've got to move forward."

Well, America wants to see a gridlock because with every bill presented to the president, there is always an earmark associated with it. Gridlock does not mean the government will shut down. That is the most idiotic idea present by liberals on Capitol Hill and by the Mainstream Media. It is all about spending and debt that brought a high turn out of voters to the voting booth the other day.

The people has spoken. The new mandate is that our vote will produce the results needed to put us on the right path. There will be no bipartisan support. The Democrats ideology is hurting this country, and therefore, any ideas by Democrats should be shunned. It is the Conservative way or the highway.

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