Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The New Republican Majority in the House is Obama Worst Nightmare

Even though the GOP didn't get the Majority in the Senate, they will have another opportunity in 2012. Obama's worst possible scenario is having the GOP taking over the House of Representatives. While there are those who felt the Senate as the most powerful chamber in Congress, the House of Representatives does have an important role that has Obama shaking in his boots. Besides holding the "purse strings" to appropriate funds for entitlement programs like Obamacare, the House has subpoena power to investigate or start impeachment hearings.

This election was not a victory for the Republicans, but rather, the Democrats lost it. This election was a referendum against Obama and his deceitful policies that has harmed this country. Democrats took over as the Majority in 2006 during President Bush 2ND term of office. It is ironic how people claimed Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008 because of Bush, but tend to forget who was in charge of the House and Senate during that time. It took four years to understand that the Democrats were behind the demise of this country.

There will no bi-partisan "kumbaya" moment. The GOP will be coming into power to do the bidding of the American people. As many times in the past, Republicans are called back to fix the shenanigans Democrats left behind.

Congratulations GOP!!!!

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